How to participate in ( ) Weis customer satisfaction survey

How to carry out Weis customer survey

Weis markets inc comprises a chain of supermarkets that operates in over 165 stores located in New York, Pennsylvania, west Vaginia and Maryland. If you have previously visited any of their stores, kindly visit and give a feedback based on the quality of services offered to you. By participating in the survey, you will be helping the company to evaluate the quality of services offered to it’s customer. Every review that you will give in the survey will be intelligently used to improve the company’s products and customer care services.

Every question in this survey covers your customer experience with Weis and nothing is difficult for you. The feedback that you will leave will be used by Weis Moderators to drive desired improvements and train it’s employees on how to better serve it’s customers. As a Weis customer, you can help the Company to serve you better by providing suggestions and feedback that will help to drive innovations in the supermarket stores. All comments, responses, reviews and suggestions given out will be used to improve customer experience at all Weis stores.

The good thing about Weis customer satisfaction survey is that it does not request one to register in order to participate in it. Weis survey website ( ) has an easy built in interface that allows customers and participants to directly start the survey without filling any personal details. If by any chance your feedback and views are critical on a particular product or service, Weis officials will carefully look at your critics and take the appropriate measures that will prevent future inconveniences.

Learn the easy steps of carrying out Weis customer satisfaction survey.

In order to carry out the customer satisfaction survey, you must be able to read and understand English since the survey is not available in other languages.

how to participate in Weis customer survey
1. Copy this URL address ( ) to your browser and load it to access Weis survey site.
2. Once you get to the survey welcome page, read all the instructions and guidelines before starting the survey.
3. On the survey welcome page, you will be required to enter some information that includes your reward card number, location, date of visit and time of visit.
4.Fill all information required on that page and click on the Start button to start your survey.
5. In the next part of the survey you will be required to answer some questions that are based on your own experience with Weis stores. Answer every question as honestly as you can since every information that you will give will be strategically used by Weis moderators to drive innovations and improve customer services. If you have critical information that you would like to be handled by the company, please provide it on the idea’s suggestion part of the survey and it will be considered by Weis officials.
6. When you are done with the survey, click on the submit button to complete the survey.

If you take some time to complete this survey, Weis Market official will be able to evaluate your feedback and use it to improve the quality of service offered to it’s clients and customers.


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