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When surveys and prizes are around, one cannot forget www.travelmoney.debenhamsfeedback.com simply because of the rewards they offer. The website gives special consideration to the feedback of existing customers, as well as other users. This encourages the website to roll out various schemes, which provide a superb opportunity for individuals to earn rewards by answering to a small survey.

Debenhams is the company, which conducts this survey and distributes prizes in a lucky draw. This company is an international warehouse for various items related to home, furniture, beauty, women, men, electrical, toys, etc. The company also additionally features travel based services. This survey is specifically directed towards the travel based services.

The survey is related to Debenhams travel money bureau’s services. www.travelmoney.debenhamsfeedback.com conducts several events that focus on distributing awards and prizes to the special winners. The prizes listed are in respect to cash rewards that vary from 1000 pounds to 1500 pounds.


What you should do to participate and win rewards?

After realizing the list of rewards, one will be extremely excited to try out the luck and participate in such events. In order to participate in this event and be eligible for some mesmerizing rewards, one has to follow a series of procedure. This may be listed as follows.

Make a purchase

An individual can register in the lucky draw, without any purchase. But, by making a purchase on the site or at the store, you will be able to enhance the chances of winning in the lucky draw. Customers who make purchase are given special importance in such lucky draw events. Moreover, various procedures and feedback require purchase to ensure the provided feedback is true and accurate.

Open the site

Good and consistent internet connection is extremely essential to participate in the survey. The survey is conducted online for which, www.travelmoney.debenhamsfeedback.com has to be opened.

Enter unique entry codes

Every bill has a unique code that is referred to as your survey code. This code has to be entered on the site to begin with the lucky draw registration process. Other subsequent detail, which follows up includes the place of visit or basically the location of the Debenhams store, where the purchase was made.

Enter details from the bill

The next step is to enter relevant details like date of purchase, time of visit, etc, on to the site, by referring to the bill or the invoice. The details have to be correct else, the entry might not be eligible for the lucky draw prizes.

Fill in the survey based on your experience

The rewards and great prizes are circulated because of your valuable feedback. It is essential to present an honest feedback to the survey questions. Selecting options just to win prizes will decrease your chances of winning. Answer each and every question and if an explanation is asked, pen down your views to clearly communicate your feedback.


The process of earning rewards by just filling a survey form is not tough. Proper execution of above specified procedures will certainly enhance the chances of winning great rewards and prizes.



  1. Debenhams Official Website – www.debenhams.com
  2. Debenhams Beauty Club Card – www.debenhams.com/beautyclub
  3. Debenhams Facebook Page – www.facebook.com/Debenhams
  4. Debenhams Customer Satisfaction Survey –  www.travelmoney.debenhamsfeedback.com 


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