About The Tractor Supply Customer Loyalty Survey

Tractor Supply is a company that offers a lot of home improvement supplies for sale. They offer equipment for lawn and garden maintenance, agricultural equipment, pet care and livestock management equipment and even work clothing and footwear for adults, both men and women, and for kids. This includes safety wear and flame resistant clothing.

The company has created a customer loyalty survey which is available on the website www.tractorsupplysurvey.com. The survey is open for all customers of Tractor Supply excluding its employees, their families, vendors and affiliates. The survey is designed to collect information from Tractor Supply customers about their experiences shopping at Tractor Supply. The feedback obtained is valued by the company and will be used to improve the quality of the products and services in Tractor Supply’s stores.

The company offers survey takers the chance to enter into a sweepstakes at the end of the survey. Entrants are eligible to win a $2,500 Tractor Supply gift card which is awarded every month. There is one winner per month for the 12 months available in the year. Only one entry is allowed per household per monthly drawing period. The survey should take only about 10 minutes to complete.
How to take Part in the Tractor Supply Loyalty Survey

You will need to:

-Be able to complete the survey questions in English or Spanish.

-Have a recent receipt from a purchase made at Tractor Supply with the survey invitation printed on it.

-Be 18 or above 18 years old at the beginning of the sweepstakes period which is the first of January.

-Be a United States citizen or resident who is currently legally living in the country.

-Have available internet access through an appropriate device of your choice.

Taking The survey

1. Visit the website www.tractorsupplysurvey.com on your browser.

2. You will see the survey landing page which contains a welcome message and links to the Spanish page, the sweepstakes rules and the privacy policy. The page also contains several boxes where you are required to fill in some information from your receipt including the date and time, store, ticket and register numbers. An image is provided on the right with the required information circled and numbered to help you out. Once you have filled in the required information, click on “Start” to proceed.

3. The survey questions will then be presented to you. Follow the instructions given to answer them. The answers you give have no bearing on your chances of winning in the sweepstakes so be as honest as possible. Click on the button labelled “Next” to move through the survey questions. An indicator at the bottom acts as a visual tracker of your progress through the survey.

4. At the end of the survey, you will be required to enter your personal information including your full name, email address and zip code to enter the sweepstakes. Your phone number is also required. The information will be used by Tractor Supply to contact you if you win the $2,500 gift card. More information on how your personal details will be used is available in the survey privacy policy.



1. www.tractorsupplysurvey.com

2. www.tractorsupply.com


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