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Learn how to take part in Valvoline customer satisfaction survey

About Valvoline Instant Oil Change
Valvoline instant oil Change is one of the leading company in the US that specializes in providing maintenance services for automobiles. Their main services include fuel tanks cleaning, batteries replacement, safety belts and oil change. The Valvoline customer satisfaction survey found at www.TellValvoline.com collects feedback from it’s customers. If you have previously accessed Valvoline products and services , kindly visit www.TellValvoline.com to leave some feedback on the quality of services offered to you by a Valvoline outlet location.

The survey at www.TellValvoline.com is very simple to complete and will only take less than 4 minutes of your time to complete. Providing your feedback will help the company discover it’s outrages and gauge itself on quality of standards. After completing the survey, you will be given a code that will save you up to $7 on your next purchase at any of Valvoline outlet. By participating in the survey, you will be informing the company on what improvements should be made and what really works for them.

While taking the online survey, please try to be as honest as you can, the feedback that you will leave will be carefully reviewed by Valvoline officials and strategically used to drive innovative ideas in the company. The $7 coupon code gift is given to all participants of the survey. You don’t need to enter in any Sweepstake in order to get this promotion code. After you have completed the survey, you will be given a discount code worth $5 to $7 , write down the code on your invoice and present it to Valvoline for purchase.

Requirement for taking part on Valvoline customer survey
1. You must be able to read and understand English
2. You must have a 17 digit entry code that is printed at the bottom of your invoice.

Steps by steps on how to complete the online survey
1.Visit Valvoline official survey website using this link www.TellValvoline.com
2. On the survey landing page, you will receive a welcome message and a simple guideline on to fill in your 17 digit entry code printed in your invoice.
3. confirm that you have entered the correct details and Click on the “start” button to start taking the survey.
4. When promoted to the next page, please provide genuine information on the series of question contained in the survey. Every answer that you will provide will be strategically used to drive innovative strategies at Valvoline. If you have some critics that you would like to give, please don’t Hesitate from providing them. Valvoline company officials will carefully handle the critics and ensure no future interruptions will occur.
7. After you have successfully answered all question of the survey, click on the finish button to complete and submit your survey.
8. At the end of the survey, you will receive a coupon code that is worth between $5 to $7, write down the code on your invoice and present it for a discount when you visit a Valvoline outlet.

The Valvoline customer satisfaction survey provides it’s customers a great way to earn some discounts by simply completing the short online survey. With just less than 4 minutes of your time, Valvoline rewards you with a $7 discount on your next purchase at a Valvoline outlet.


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  1. Valvoline’s Official website – www.Valvoline.com
  2. Valvoline’s  guest satisfaction survey – www.TellValvoline.com


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