How to take a survey and win $100

About The is a customer guest feedback survey site run by Empire Theaters. The giant theater operates a chain of over 475 screens in more than 50 theatre locations in Canada. Its main area of specialization is in family entertainment. The online survey uses a well structured questionnaire which is designed to get an insight about the customer’s experience and satisfaction about their visit to their theaters. The response received from the answer to the question is analyzed and then used by the firm to make the necessary adjustments or improvements so as to respond to the specific needs and concerns raised by the customers.

Customers are strongly encouraged to take the online survey since their responses is highly treasured. The survey is run under the banner – tell us about us- is considered to be very important to the firm.

The response whether positive or negative are particularly important and therefore accepted by Empire Theatre. The response is very significant and highly welcomed since any positive feedback enables the firm to continue offering or provide those accepted actions that gave the customers the comfort. Likewise negative feedbacks enable the firm to correct mistakes, make adjustments and take any other necessary actions required to improve on the customers experience. As an incentive and also as a way of appreciation, the participating customers are eligible to win any of the four $100 gift cards available.


How To Participate In Survey

To participate in the survey the following are very important and necessary.

1. The participant must be at least 18 years of age

2. One must have an access to an internet connected computer

3. One must also be fluent in more English specifically be able to read English language

4. One must have a recent receipt from Empire Thereat participating store.


Steps And Steps To Do The Survey

1. Visit the Empire Theatre guest feedback survey official site: to participate in the survey

2. Select the location of your visit by clicking on the drop down menu to select the province from the list provided.

3. Choose the language one prefers to take the survey in.

4. Select an answer to the question indicating the day of the week that one visited the Empire Theater whose experience is being described.

5. Select the day of the said visit

6. Select the answer to the question indicating the time of the movie that one visited that particular Empire Theater.

7. Select the answer to the question stating the person who accompanied one to the movie visited at that particular Empire Theatre. And whether or not one purchased a snack or not

8. Rate the statements like “During my visit I was able to escape and get away from my daily life routine” based on ones most recent experience at that particular Empire Theater.

9. Select the answer to the question indicating facts about oneself such as age and gender

10. Leave any additional comments or feedback. The customer is free to give any information

11. Enter ones personal information and contacts such as email address, phone number as well as the name.



  1. Empire Theatres Guest Feedback Survey
  2. Empire Theatres Official Site


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