How to participate in the Taco Bell customer online survey

The customer online satisfaction survey.
The Taco Bell customer online survey can be found at The survey takes very few minutes to complete and it gives you with a brilliant opportunity of winning the $500 cash prize rewarded to a lucky winner. Every time you participate in this survey, you leave valuable feedback that is strategically used by Taco Bell to evaluate and determine the quality of services offered to their customers. Every information you give out in this survey is kept secret and can never be published anywhere. When you leave you feedback Taco bell uses this information to drive innovations in the company and come up with strategic measures that promote brand success.

Every generous review left by a participant is highly regarded and when the feedback is negative or critical in any aspect Taco Bell takes the desired measure of improving their services according the customers wish. The Taco bell survey is very simple and does not require one to conduct a research or participate in a study in order to complete it. All you have to do is give a honest review about the quality of products and services offered by Taco bell.

The amazing thing about participating in this survey is that you are eligible for a cash prize of $500 once you complete the survey. It’s very simple to win this amount, all you have to do is give a honest review in the survey and by doing this simple task your name will be entered in a draw for the $500 sweepstakes. Winners of the previous survey can be viewed at the websites “view previous winner” link located at the end of the survey website page.
How to participate in the Taco Bell customer online survey
Requirements to take the survey
– You must be 18 years and a regal resident of USA
– You must be able to understand and communicate in English since the survey is not available in other languages.
– You must have a copy of the customer receipt.
Steps of taking the survey
    1. Visit the survey main website at this URL
    2. At the website page you will receive a welcome message directing you on how to start the survey.
    3. On the survey page you will see a sample receipt on your right side of your screen. The receipt contains guidelines on how to fill the survey code on that page.
    4.Use your customer copy receipt to fill in the survey code in that page. If you are confused, use the sample receipt on your right side of your screen as a guide to fill in the correct details.
    5. Once you have filled in your survey code and verified that it’s correct click on the “start” button option located at the bottom of the survey page.
    6. In the next section you will be required to answer a series of question and offer suggestion where applicable. When answering the question be honest as possible since every detail is highly considered by Taco bell in determining their quality of services.
    7. After you have answered every question accordingly click on the “finish” button option to end the survey. Your name will be entered in the Taco bell sweepstake where you could win a cash prize of $500.






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