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The Radio shack customer online satisfaction survey can be found at http://www.tellradioshack.com. The survey is quite simple and requires only some few minutes of your time to complete. Every time you participate in this survey, you help Radio shack to gain great insights about customer views, requirements, needs and the general feedback of the services delivered by the company. Your feedback helps the company to determine and evaluate itself from the view of the customer’s eyes. The Radio shack customer satisfaction survey is very simple and it does not require you to do a research, all you have to do is give you honest opinion based on your experience with the company products and services delivered to you.

Your participation in the survey enables the company to consistently improve and better address your expectations and needs in a more prioritized way. All opinions you give in the survey will be intelligently used to drive innovation efforts at the company and achieve a brand success. If you feel that you experienced a negative aspect with the company’s services or products, you can take this survey to explain your frustrations. Grievances are carefully looked upon by the company officials and appropriate measure will be taken to address a customer need.

The online survey is available in English and contains very simple questions that are based on your experience with the company’s products and services. Radio shack values their customers privacy with high respect, your opinions will never be published and the contact information will be only used to contact you on matters relating to the company’s services offered to you.

How to participate in the Radio shack customer satisfaction survey
In order for you to carry out this survey you must meet the following requirements:
– You must be able to read and understand English since the survey is not available in other languages.
-A customer receipt or details of the Radio shack that you visited.
-Have an experience with Radio shack products or services.
-You must be 18 years and above to take the survey.

Steps of taking the survey.
1. Go to the survey website using this URL http://www.tellradioshack.com
2. On the page of this website, you will see a welcome message and how to start the survey.
3. You will be asked whether you have the receipt. If you have it choose “Yes” option but if you don’t choose the “No” option.
4. Click on the “begin Survey” button option at the bottom of the page in order to start the survey.
5. If you used the first option to enter the receipt number, enter every information requested in the next page and if you used the “NO” option, fill in your information as requested in the page.
6. When promoted to the next page, you will be required to answer some series of question based on your experience with the Radio shack company. Answer every question honestly since your reviews will be highly prioritized by the company.
7. After answering every question up to the last page of the survey, click on the “finish” option to complete and exit the survey.



1. http://www.tellradioshack.com

2. http://www.radioshack.com

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