How To Participate In ( ) The Online Survey Of The RaceTrac

How many times have you been presented with a survey to take? What would make you even want to take the survey? Ten minutes, or half an hour out of your day is all they ask for. But the only reason I take them is clearly for incentive. Let’s take for an example, they are driven to give their customers the best satisfaction. They, like many other companies, want to service clients very well. Then, at the end of the day feedback from the customers can help give them direction on how well they are doing. The information from these surveys are kept in confidence and are used to make the next customer visit a great experience. 

How they get the customers to actual take the survey is not by just asking. An incentive, like money or a prize is generally used to make this happen. gives their customer a free code where they will receive a free item to adopt the next time they visit the store. There are really no right or wrong answer when you take a survey. It is not a test but rather just some honest feedback. When it comes to them, most are opinion surveys. They just want your assessment on a variety of topics. How to answer survey questions is pretty straight forward. They ask you an inquest and you provide a statement of yes or no. Other times it could be a rating, and all of it is pretty general and easy. Simple inquiries for a prize or bucks, doesn’t take anything but time and effort. 

So, if you are wondering how to participate in a survey I will explain. You have to sometimes sign up as a participant with whatever website you are trying to join. Then after putting your information in, then you have to go over the details of how they go about their surveying. Occasionally, they are looking for a certain age group, a certain class, and/or a specific experience. After you get to know how their system works, you can find out how they compensate for participations. Frequently, it is cash, or reward points that lead to other prizes. Please understand what the site is about, because they are most of the time, trying to better their service. If you are just taking the survey for a dollar, and give false information, it is completely unfair to the one’s providing the analysis. 

Today visit and take a survey. You will get a code when you are done where you can use it with your next purchase and get a free item. Here are some steps to get started.

1. Log on to
2. Read the front page
3. Hit next
4. Pick a language that you want the survey in (English or Spanish)
5. Look at a previous receipt and locate the store number and jot it down 
6. Supply the date and time and other info asked 
7. Proceed to answer some questions
8. Be on your way to getting you free item


Reference Links

  1. Racetrac’s Official website –
  2. Racetrac’s  guest satisfaction survey –


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