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www.tellpayless.com customer survey
The payless shoesource customer online survey can be found at http:www.tellpayless.com. It’s a very simple survey that takes less than five minutes to complete. You can give your valued opinion based on the services you received from the Payless shoesource. This survey helps the company to develop strategies of achieving important goals that leads to a brand success. Every generous review you give is strategically used by the company to drive innovative measures such as technology advancement and better customer relations.

This online survey helps to evaluate and determine the company’s customers satisfaction on the services offered to them. All you need to do is leave a feedback that regards your experience with the company. If by any chance the feedback is negative, Payless shoesource will take the necessary measures to ensure that your grievances are handled in the right way. When you participate in the survey you will also benefit as a customer since your opinion will be used to improve the company’s quality of service. The survey comes inform of questions, comments and possible suggestion that will help the company grow it’s success of maintaining customer satisfaction. When you participate on this survey, you help the company to gain great insights about customer views and suggestions that can help it improve it’s quality of service.

Payless shoe source values it’s customers privacy and for this reason your reviews are kept private and can never be disclosed to someone else. When participating in this survey feel free to give your honest opinion since your views will contribute so much in helping the company attain it’s brand awareness and success. The Payless shoesource goals are to provide you with quality products and a reliable service which you can always depend on.

How to participate in the Payless shoesource customer online survey
For you to carry out this survey you need the following:
-Have customer copy receipt
-You must be able to read and understand English or Espanol.

Steps of taking the survey.
1. Go to the survey website page by using this URL http:www.tellpayless.com. At this website you will receive a welcome message that will instruct you on how to start the survey.
2. On the right side of your screen you will see an illustration on how to locate the 13 digit access code in your receipt.
3. You will be required to enter the 13 digit access code located in your customer copy receipt. If you can’t locate the code, check on the middle of the receipt and you will find it.
4. After filling the code, click on the “start” button option to start your survey.
5. When promoted to the next page, fill in every question with a honest answer based on your experience with the Payless shoesource company. Every information you enter in this survey will be strategically used by the company. A honest opinion will help the company to come up with effective strategies that will help to improve their quality of service.
6. After you have answered all the questions accordingly click on the “finish” button option to complete and exit the survey.


Website :

1.  www.tellpayless.com


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