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Fazoli’s is one of the most popular Italian-American fast food chain of restaurants. The restaurant chain was founded in 1988 by Sun Capital Partners and it mainly specializes in Italian dishes and cuisine. If you have previously visited one of Fazoli’s fast food restaurants, kindly go to and participate in their guest experience survey. By participating in this brief survey, you will be proving valuable information that will be used by Fazoli’s to drive innovations and improve the quality of customer care.

With your reviews, Fazoli’s will use all survey participants’ analysis as a way of spurring innovations and intelligence that can be used to develop new initiatives. If by any chance your reviews are critical, Fazoli’s will take the appropriate measures that will ensure your grievances are solved and no future inconvenience will occur. Unlike other surveys that request you to provide cities and a lot of written information, Fazoli’s guest survey is very brief and straight forward. Every question in this survey covers your customer experience with Fazoli’s restaurants and nothing is difficult for you. The feedback that you will leave will be used by Fazoli’s to drive desired improvements and train it’s employees on how to address customer related grievances more conveniently.

By participating in Fazoli’s survey  ( ) , you get a chance to express your views about the company’s products and also offer recommendations that can be used to improve the quality of the company’s services. If by any chance your feedback and views are critical on a particular product or service, Fazoli’s officials will carefully look at it and take the appropriate measures that will prevent future inconveniences.

Do you want to complete Fazoli’s Guest Survey? Visit and use these steps

Steps for taking survey
1.Visit to access Fazoli’s guest survey.
2. Once you get to the survey’s home page, you will see a welcome message and instructions on how to fill the required information in that page.
3. If you have your customer copy of receipt, locate the store 4 digit number and enter it in the required boxes. If you don’t have as tore code, please contact you nearest Fazoli’s restaurant and request for the store number.
4. After filling the store number or code, enter the time and date you visited Fazoli’s restaurant. confirm that you have entered every detail required on the survey page and click on the “start” button.
5. In the next page of the survey you will be given instructions on how to answer the survey questions. Follow those instructions in order to answer every question correctly.
6. For every question asked in the survey please provide a honest review, since all the information that you will fill will be used to drive innovations Fazoli’s restaurants.
7After you are done with all questions, click on the complete button to submit your survey.

By participating in Fazoli’s guest survey you will be helping the company to improve it’s quality of service offered to it’s customers. Every opinion you give in the survey will be highly regarded and Fazoli’s officials will use your information to make the desired improvements.


Reference Links

  1. Fazoli’s Official website –
  2. Fazoli’s  guest satisfaction survey –


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