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If you have enjoyed the spot classics and burgers in one of the super fine restaurants – White Spot, then you have an opportunity to win prizes up to $1,500! This is possible by visiting the link, which opens the doors of White Spot Guest Feedback Online Survey. Irrespective of the food items you ate in this restaurant you are authorized to participate in this survey. The super benefits that are available on participation are as follows –
1. $5 off on your next visit to the restaurant.
2. Ten Chance to win $1,000 daily, immediately after the survey.
3. Possibility to be the victorious winner of the grand weekly prize of $1,500.

About The Legendary White Spot Restaurant –
In the year 1928 Nat Bailey transformed his truck – 1918 Model T, into a lunch counter for the sightseers at Vancouver’s Lookout Point and that was the foundation stone of this great chain of restaurants. In the coming years, the growth was phenomenal and in the year 1955 there were 110,000 guests per week. The feather in the crown was when The White Spot was the host restaurant during Expo ’86 at the BC Pavilion. Prince Charles and Princess Diana were the visiting dignitaries and were offered the best of the services by White Spot. And till today, the legacy of the award winning Triple ‘O’ burger along with other mouth watering dishes like fresh cut fries and shakes satisfies the customers with a big smile on their face.

White Spot Restaurants are known for using the finest and freshest ingredients for all the delicacies like steaks and chicken, pastas and fresh salads. They also offer the choicest range of beverages, which includes margaritas, Caesars, martinis and variety of rare wines. The most popular and evergreen dish of White Spot is – Nat Bailey Pale Ale and Lager which is always in demand! Indeed White Spot is one of the most successful restaurant chain in North America.

Things To Do Before Participating In The Online Survey Of –
Following things are required before the commencement of the actual survey –
1. One computer that is equipped with Internet facility,
2. Receipt copy of the food items purchased from The Legendary White Spot Restaurant (any outlet)

Step By Step Guide To Participate In the Survey –
1. Select the web browser of your choice and visit The landing page will have the following fields to be keyed in –
a] Restaurant Number – It is available at the bottom of the receipt.
b] Date of visit – press the date icon and enter the date in the required format. (The date is printed on the top right hand side of the receipt)
c] Time of visit – It is printed below the date, (top right hand corner)
d] Receipt Number – It is available on the top left hand corner of the bill
e] Total amount $ – It is printed after the complete list of the food items.
Press ‘Enter’ to proceed further

2. You will be directed to the next page titled ‘White Spot Guest Feedback Survey’. Here the actual survey questions are asked as follows. You are supposed to rate the services received from that specific outlet on the 5 point scale – Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree
a] Overall satisfaction about the experience you had in that location
b] Will you recommend this restaurant to your friends or other family members.
c] Will you visit again
d] Value for money
Here you are supposed to answer in the most authentic way, your entire experience. Press ‘Next’ to proceed further.

3. On the third page of the survey, you will be asked the following question – ‘What, if anything, would you like to see added to the White Spot menu?’
You can give your recommendations on any food item which you feel can be added in their menu. It should be different from the already existing food items.
Press ‘Next’

4. The last page will ask you about your personal details, which are kept confidential by the restaurant.
a] First Name
b] Last Name
c] Telephone Number – Area Code and Number
d] Email Address.
The above details are required for them to communicate to you, if you are the lucky winner in their daily or weekly prizes.

Points to remember –
1. None of the White Spot staff members or their immediate relatives is allowed to participate in the survey.
2. $5 coupon should be redeemed within 30 days of the completion of the survey.


With the feedback given genuinely by the customers to the Legendary White Spot Restaurant, you are helping them to improve in the quality of the services they are offering. Also your feedback will help them to work on the taste of the food as well. With the help of this survey, you are directly talking to the owners of the restaurant and if you are lucky, your recommended dish might be included in their menu! So it is worth investing your time in completing the survey because apart from $5 coupon, if you are lucky, you are authorized to win their daily and weekly prizes as well!


Reference Links

  1. White Spot’s Official website –
  2. White Spot’s  guest satisfaction survey –


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