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Buffalo wings and rings is a Cincinnati located sports based type of restaurant, the restaurant offers signature products that include; chicken wings, Gyros, Burgers, Sand-witches, specialty salads, and other fast foods. The franchise was established way back in 1984, it acts in time to blend homemade sources with a community-focused mode together with fresh wings. The franchise concept has about 42 branches now in several States of America, they are located in Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Michigan, North Carolina, Nebraska, Ohio, North Dakota, Texas, and South Dakota. Buffalo wings restaurant has more special offers for children as you visit it, by joining Club 84 you get better offers like kids eat free and the likes.

Buffalo wings and Rings Customers Satisfaction Survey:

Buffalo wings and Rings, customers satisfaction survey is a periodic survey conducted by the chains for its customers. It’s meant to inform the management ion how they are performing, especially about customers care. You will be asked questions like “Do you experience any challenge or problem when visiting our stores?” basically you will answer all questions appropriately and accurately as possible. The management would like to get the feeling of what customers are thinking about its services, you will talk about how staffs are treating you and the overall hygiene of the atmosphere within the chains outlets.

What Are the Offers:

There are a number of special prices and offers to be won by taking the survey, a part from having an opportunity to participate and make your opinion count to the management. Everybody who participates successfully in the survey, get free 5 chicken wings within 48 hours after completing the surveys. Though there is a limit of only one member from every household that is eligible and have free offer, there are also other offers you can get when you participate in the survey. They include other special offers like gift cards and discounted rates from Buffalo wings and Rings chains.

Customers Satisfaction Usability Report:

You can take the survey using the following devices in explained order;
1) PC/Notebook Usability Ratings: 3/5 it takes about 5 minutes to conclude, you need the receipt to take the survey. Answer few open questions.
2) Tablet Usability Ratings; 3/5 No mobile page utilized Tablet, Need to input personal information, few questions attempted.
3) Smartphone Usability Ratings: 2/5 rating, without mobile page, it takes more than five minutes to complete. It involves calling customer care to answer the questions.

Customers Satisfaction Survey, Step-by-Step:

1) Visit the official website of Buffalo Wings and Rings and enter the receipt code and the visit date, you can enter the website from any internet enabled device and do a survey.www.Talktothebuffalo.com
2) Rate all the queries according to how you have been served from the restaurant chains; give an honest rating of all services and products.
3) Choose all your answers that are in multiple choices, questions like; “Are you satisfied with all our services”.
4) Respond to some more questions according to the questionnaire.
5) Include all your personal details like telephone number, name, address, email address, and more required details if you want to enter into special offer.

Taking Buffalo wings and Rings Customer Satisfaction Survey gives opportunity to share your opinion with the management, it also give you chances of more special offers and discounts. Besides you are entitled to 5 chicken wings within 48 hours after taking the survey.


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  2. Buffalo wings and Rings’s  guest satisfaction survey – www.Talktothebuffalo.com


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