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Sonny’s Bar-B-Q guest satisfaction survey can be found at . It’s a very brief survey that will only take you about 6 minutes to complete. Sonny Bar-B-Q comprises of a chain of restaurants located all over Florida and other states in the U.S. If you have previously visited one of Sonny’s restaurant, kindly visit the above URL to leave a feedback on the services provided to you by sonny’s restaurant attendants.

By participating in Sonny’s BBQ guest survey, you will be leaving a valuable feedback that will be used by Sonny to improve their quality of customer attendance and hospitality. The survey will help to educate the company on the requirements of every customer and all suggestions made, will be used to intelligently drive motives and innovations.

All details that will be filled in the survey will reflect how you were served by Sonny’s restaurant attendants. If you have previously experienced a critical issue that you would like to highlight to Sonny’s officials, please use the survey suggestion page to state you claims. All claims are handled seriously and Sonny’s restaurant officials will take the appropriate measures that will prevent future inconveniences.

It’s important to know that it’s free to take the survey and you can visit at you own convenient time to carry out the survey. Your candid feedback will be highly valued and it’s considerably good to provide genuine information that will benefit the company and your interests.

Have you previously visited one of Sonny’s BBQ restaurant or Bar ?, Use these steps to complete their guest survey found at

Steps to survey
1.go to on your browser
2. Once the Sonny’s BBQ survey site loads, you will receive a welcome note guiding you on how to fill in the required information of that page
3. If you have you recent customer copy of receipt, locate the 15 digit restaurant code locate at the bottom of the receipt.
4. Once you find it, type it on the required boxes and click on the “next” button to continue.
5. In the next part of the survey you will be required to answer some questions that are based on your experience with Sonny’s BBQ Restaurants. Answer every question as honestly as you can since every information that you will give will be strategically used by Sonny’s BBQ Restaurants to drive innovations and improve customer services. If you have critical information that you would like to be handled by the company, please provide it on the idea’s suggestion part of the survey and it will be considered by Sonny’s BBQ Restaurants officials.
6. Once you have completed every questions of the survey, click on the “submit” button to finish your survey session.

By participating in the Sonny’s BBQ Restaurants guest survey, you will be proving valuable information that will be used to drive innovations in the restaurants and make the desired improvements. Every information that you will fill in the survey will be highly regarded and Sonny will use it to their best advantage. If you have previously visited any of Sonny’s BBQ restaurant , kindly visit the survey URL to complete the guest survey.


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