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Food Lion is a company that operates grocery supermarket stores in some states in the US. The company sells many items including meat, sea food, fresh produce, wine, beer, pharmacy products and baby care and pet care products. The company also operates several brands under its wing. Their main website is at the web address www.foodlion.com. Customers can use this website to shop for items from Food Lion and access deals and coupons. The website also contains a featured recipes section for the culinary adventurous to try out for free. Customers can also sign up for a Food Lion account to customize their Food Lion experience and receive special offers including an MVP card.

Since the company always strives to give its customers only the best in services and products, they have created an online customer survey to collect feedback from their customers. The survey website is available at the web address www.talktofoodlion.com. As a customer, you can use the survey as a chance to air your views on what you experienced shopping at a Food Lion outlet and what you think the company should do to make the Food Lion experience better for you and everyone else.

The information Food Lion collects from the survey is of such importance to the company that it offers survey respondents the chance to enter their sweepstakes and compete for a grand prize of a $250 Food Lion gift card. In total, there are four gift cards to be won. This is a sweet deal for you since just a few minutes work can result in a huge reward. Entries are limited to one per person per week.


How to Participate in the Survey

You will need to:

-Be legally resident in an eligible state. The full list of eligible states is available in the sweepstakes rules.
-Be 21 or above 21 years of age.
-Be able to fill out your answers to the survey in English.


Taking the Survey

1. Visit the survey website by pointing your browser to the address www.talktofoodlion.com.

2. The landing page contains links to continue in English, to view the sweepstakes rules and to view the survey privacy policy. To proceed to the next section of the survey, click the button labelled “Continue in English”.

3. The next page asks you to confirm that you are at least 18 years old. Choose the appropriate answer and click on “Next” to proceed. Note the progress indicator at the bottom of the page that show how far along you are in completing the survey.

4. Next, enter the information required from your receipt using the image provided to help you out if stuck. Answer the questions asked on the date and time you shopped at Food Lion then click “Next” to proceed.

5. Provide your rating on the aspects of your experience required, including store layout and cleanliness. Follow the on screen instructions and be honest to make your responses as useful as possible to Food Lion. Click “Next” to move through the survey questions.

6. At the end of the survey, provide your contact information to participate in the sweepstakes. This includes your full legal name, physical address and your phone number. You can also choose not to enter the sweepstakes in which case your responses will still be logged.


Website :

  1. Talk To Food Lion Customer Survey Link: www.talktofoodlion.com
  2. Food Lion Official Site: www.foodlion.com


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