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Everyone wants to make money and win stuff online. With the right skills, anyone can pull an income on the Web. As far as winning stuff goes, you have to buckle down and increase the odds of winning any and all prizes. There are full-time contest entrants, literally claiming contest winnings on their taxes–many contests start with a survey to gain entry to the draw or instant win game. The easiest way to increase odds is by playing any contests where you already bought in. For example, for the website in question, visitors at Swiss Chalet are the only ballot holders in the prize draw.

Swiss Chalet Feedback is the website portal for Swiss Chalet customer feedback and surveys. After returning home from Swiss Chalet, users can enter their receipt details to qualify for contest entries.

How to Participate in the Swiss Chalet Feedback Survey
Participating in the Swiss Chalet survey at is not a challenge. Users need nothing more than a bit of patience and their receipt. Of course, this means an individual must go to a SwissChalet restaurant and purchase something to qualify. Simply enter into the contest every time you make a trip to Swiss Chalet and increase your odds of winning. Plus, take advantage of their appetizer coupons for filling out their quick feedback survey.

Below are the steps for entering the survey at Swiss Chalet Feedback.

1. Get your receipt ready and go to
2. Select your language between the options presented, which are English and French.
3. Input the required information, which is the access code, cheque number, and visit date.
4. Complete the feedback survey and submit your entry.
5. Receive your soup, salad, or perogies coupon, which is valid with your next entrée purchase.
6. Bring the original receipt with validation code to receive your free item, within 30 days of the receipt’s print date.

Once that’s all done, you will have another Swiss Chalet survey to enter. This will put you into a draw for a $500 Swiss Chalet gift card, simply by describing your dining experience. This is the better of the two options for capitalizing on your Swiss Chalet order. The free item they give for the feedback survey isn’t really free, as you have to buy an entrée. It’s a great gesture, and something you will enjoy when you get to use it, but the $500 gift card makes way for a whole table of smiles.

The $500 Swiss Chalet gift card is well worth entering as most only make the effort for the free item. The survey for entering into the $500 gift card draw only takes about two minutes of your time.

Since the pool of possible winners is lower, winning a prize from isn’t outside of the realm of belief. It’s possible to win thousands a year playing in free-to-enter contests, so scoring some easy wins on these restricted-entry contests does happen. Take the time to eye out your receipts, you may be throwing out more than you think.



  1. Swiss Chalet Guest Satisfaction Survey
  2. Swiss Chalet Official Site

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