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About the Hotel and the survey

Marriott International is a leading lodging company having 6000+ properties spread across 122 countries, reporting revenues of more than $17 billion in the year 2016. The company is headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland.

One of the novel ways in which the hotel improvises its service and quality is by asking the guests to fill in an online survey which can be found at www.surveyfood.com. This survey being completely simple, asks the guests to provide their response from a given set of choices. Also, the guests are asked to rate the services and many other things about the hotel on a scale of 1-5 or poor-excellent.

Since this survey is completely anonymous, the guest can provide their honest feedback and if there are any challenges they experienced during their stay, it will be immediately resolved. This survey will approximately take 5-7 minutes.

How to take the Survey?

You will need to complete the following steps in order to fill the Marriott’s guest satisfaction survey at www.surveyfood.com. Be assured that the identity and the opinions will be kept confidential and anonymous.

1. Preliminary steps: You will have to enter the 6-digit access code printed on your receipt, after which you will be redirected to the actual survey questions.

2. Since there will be a question to enter the Marriott Rewards number in order to get special rewards, keep it handy while starting the survey. If the number is not available, fill the survey later.

3. In the top left hand side of the guest check that a 2,3 or 4 digit number can be found just next to the server’s name. Fill that number in the box that appears in the form.

4. Fill out the day in which you received the service. The general options are Today, Yesterday or Another day.

5. Fill out the time or meal period (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner) as well.

6. Fill the follow up questions about how frequently you stay as a guest/non-guest in the hotel.

7. Satisfaction: Now, a few questions will be asked to rate on a scale of 1 to 5(5 being high quality) on the following: overall satisfaction of their stay, taste and quality of their meal, comfort of seating.

8. You will then have to rate your server and whether the server greeted properly and also rate their attentiveness to your questions and concerns etc. You are to indicate whether the server looked clean and professional.

9. Quality of Food: The next step will be filling out the questions related to food: Whether there was any delay in taking the order, bringing the order, how well it was cooked, was any beverage suggested for the meal and any signature item specified.

10. Ambience: You would now need to rate the ambience, look and feel of the restaurant. If any improvements are needed, please fill in the appropriate boxes. Also, mention how well you compare Marriott with other hotels and if you would return to this restaurant again or how likely you would recommend this hotel to friends/family? And finally, you can give an optional comment in your own words.

11. Rewards section: Please mention if you want to become a member of Marriott Rewards program. If yes, fill the details of Name, contact number, address, etc.. Alternatively, if you are already a Marriott rewards member, fill out the 9 digit Marriott rewards number to get 250 Reward points in your account which can be used to avail discounts in future stays. It will take close to 6 weeks for these reward points to be reflex in your account.

Benefits for filling the

● 250 Marriott reward points will be added to the guest’s account after finishing the survey by entering their 9 digit Marriott rewards number.

● If there were any complaints or issues which the guest did not get resolved, this survey gives the senior managerial officials an opportunity to fix the issues and help serve the guest better.

● Since each and every minute details of the service is considered for feedback, the quality of the service can be improved further.

To learn more about where Marriott hotels are located, please
refer to http://www.marriott.com/hotel-search.mi and if you would like to provide your valuable feedback and fill in the survey, please follow http://surveyfood.com/


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