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Sportsman’s Warehouse is your one-stop-shop for all of your outdoor adventure needs. From hunting to fishing and camping to backpacking, Sportsman’s warehouse has top-quality and brand-name products for every adventure and outdoor equipment.

Of course, Sportsman’s Warehouse does not stop at simply outfitting adventure goers once they are equipped for their excursion. Sportsman’s Warehouse strives to listen to their customers and the best way they do that is through their online survey. Best part, besides knowing that future service and products will be even better than before, is that Sportsman’s Warehouse understands that you are busy fishing up salmon or hiking through a national part, and as a great incentive, by participating in the survey you are automatically entered into a raffle to win 1 of 5 $100 gift cards for your equipment run.

Here is how you can participate and potentially win a $100 gift card at Sportsman’s Warehouse at www.Sportsmanswarehouse.com/opinion. If you have trouble, there is an example receipt diagram for your reference at the beginning of the survey.

1. Hold on to your receipt.

2. Enter your name and email

3. Select the store you shopped at.

4. Find the Register number on your receipt and choose it from the drop down menu.

5. Type in the transaction number from your receipt.

6. Select your transaction date from the calendar menu.

7. Click Next.

8. Questions 1 through 3 ask about your overall experience with Sportsman’s Warehouse. Select the bubble you best believe was your experience.

9. Question 4 asks for your primary reason for visiting Sportsman’s Warehouse. In the text box provided, give a brief summary in 4000 characters or less. A counter will keep track for you.

10. Question 5 asks what you were primarily shopping for. Select the bubble that best describes your shopping needs.

11. Question 6 asks where you have heard of Sportsman’s Warehouse. Select all that apply.

12. Click Next.

13. Questions 7 through 12 are yes or no questions. Answer what you believe is best.

14. Questions 13 and 14 ask about the quality of service. Select the answer you believe is best.

15. Click Next for the next round of questions or Previous to change a previous answer.

16. Questions 15 and 16 again ask about the quality of service provided. Answer as you believe is best.

17. Question 17 asks who your primary retailer for your outdoor activities is and why you chose them. In the text box provided, give a brief explanation in 4000 characters or less. A counter will keep track for you.

18. Question 18 will ask if the cashier asked for your Loyalty card. Simply select Yes or No.

19. Question 19 wants to know how often you shop at Sportsman’s Warehouse. Select what you believe is best.

20. Question 20 wants to know how often you shop at Sportsman’s Warehouse online. Select what you believe is best.

21. Questions 21 and 22 ask for your age and gender. Select as appropriate.

22. Question 23 asks for your household income. Select as appropriate or select the option to not answer.

23. Click Submit.

Congratulations! You have now finished taking the survey for Sportsman’s Warehouse! You are now eligible to win 1 of 5 $100 gift cards, notification through email. Imagine what you could buy with $100 for your next camping trip.

Reference Links

  1. Sportsman’s Official website – www.Sportsmanswarehouse.com
  2. Sportsman’s  guest satisfaction survey pagewww.Sportsmanswarehouse.com/opinion


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