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The Save a lot food stores customer satisfaction survey can be easily found at http://www.Savealotlistens.com. It’s a very brief survey available in two languages; English and Espanol. With less than five minutes of your time you can help Save a lot food store to determine and evaluate it’s quality of service offered to it’s customers. When you give your candid feedback you help the company to detect areas of major concerns and important factors that may require some improvements. The Save a lot food store online survey contains questions to be answered inform of comments, suggestions and views about the food store products, business practices and the quality of customer service offered to it’s clients.

If your opinion and feedback is critical in any aspect relating to the Food store, quick measure will be taken to bring the desired improvements and ensure that there are no more future inconveniences or interruptions. Your feedback in this survey will enable the Save a lot food store to understand it’s customer priorities and expectations.

When you participate in the Save a lot food store, you also stand a chance to win a weekly $100 cash prize. In every week there is a lucky winner who walks away with amazing prize. It’s very easy to win the survey sweepstakes prize, all you have to do is complete the simple online survey that is found at http://www.Savealotlistens.com. After you have participated in the brief survey, your name and will have an entry to the Save a lot food store weekly sweepstakes. There are not so many food store surveys that will reward you for giving your generous review and this is why you should participate in this survey and be rewarded for giving your opinions.

How to participate in the Save a lot food store customer satisfaction survey
In order for you to carry out this survey you must meet the following requirements:
– You must be able to read and understand English or Espanol.
-Your browser must be JavaScript enabled.
-Have a customer copy receipt.
-Have an experience with Save a lot food stores products or services.
-You must be 18 years and above to take the survey.

Steps of taking the survey.
1. Go to the survey website by visiting this URL http://www.Savealotlistens.com. At this website you will receive a welcome message that will guide you on how to win the $100 awarded by the Save a lot food store.
2. On this website click on the “Begin” option located at the end of the page in order to start the survey.
3. When promoted to the next page you will be required to fill in the characters displayed in an image. This step is for checking whether your browser is JavaScript enabled.
4. After filling in the characters in the given box click on the “next” button option to continue with the online survey.
5. In the next page you will be required to enter the “store number” and “code” found in your receipt.
6. Verify that you have entered the correct details and click “next” to continue with the survey.
7. In the next session of the survey you will be required to answer some series of questions which are based on your customer experience with Save a lot food stores products and services. Answer every question as honestly as you can.
8. After you are done with the question page sessions, click on the “finish” button option to complete and submit the survey.



1. http://www.Savealotlistens.com


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