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Complete Red Apple customer survey and win prizes

Have you previously bought products from Red Apples stores? if yes, then you stand a chance to win amazing prizes by simply filling out a survey found at www.Redapplelistens.com. The customer survey is very brief and will only take less than 4 minutes to complete. The Red Apple store offers a wide variety of services and products. If you have previously had an experience with one of their products and services, please visit www.Redapplelistens.com to give a feedback and stand a chance to win amazing prizes.

By participating in the survey, you will be helping the company to evaluate the standard of services offered to it’s customer. Every review that you will give in the survey will be intelligently used to improve the company’s products and customer care services. Unlike other companies survey that don’t offer gifts and prizes, Red Apples values you feedback so much and this is why they give you a chance to walk away with daily amazing prizes.

Red Apple Survey sweepstakes and eligibility
Once you complete the survey, you will stand a chance to win weekly prizes valued at $1,500 and a $1,000 daily prize. Every survey filled will give you ten entry chances to win the daily $1,000 prize. There are many people who are walking away with these amazing prizes, don’t be left out. Simply go to www.Redapplelistens.com and fill out a survey to stand a chance to walk away with these prizes. In order to be eligible to participate in Red Apple’s sweepstakes, you must be 18 years or above and you must fill out one of the surveys.

Do you want to win great prizes today?
Follow these steps of completing Red Apple’s customer satisfaction survey and stand a chance to win amazing prizes

Steps for carrying out the survey
1.Visit Red Apple’s customer survey website through this URL www.Redapplelistens.com
2. Once you are promoted to the survey main page you will get a welcome message and a simple illustration on how to fill the information required in that page.
3. The first thing to do is to fill out the 12 digit survey entry code that is located at left side of your receipt.
4. After you have filled the survey entry code, confirm it and click enter to start Red Apple’s survey.
5. On the next part of Red Apple’s survey, answer every question based on your own experience with Red Apple’s stores. At this part of the survey, try to answer every question as honestly as you can, since every review that you will provide will be intelligently used to improve products and services offered at Red Apple’s stores.
6. When you are done with the survey, click on the submit button to complete the survey.
7. Don’t forget that every survey that you complete will stand you a chance to win a $1000 daily prize and a $1,500 weekly prize.

The best thing about participating in this customer survey is that, you get a 10 percent coupon code that you can use in your next purchase at Red Apple’s. It’s not a must you purchase any product in order to carry out the survey. If you don’t have the 12 digit survey code, contact your nearest Red Apple store outlet and request for the code.


Reference Links

  1. Red Apple Survey website – www.Redapplelistens.com


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