www.pcfeedback.com ( Price chopper Constant ) Customer satisfaction survey

Price chopper Constant Customer satisfaction survey

The price chopper constant customer survey can be taken at http://www.pcfeedback.com . It’s a very short and brief survey that will only take about six minutes to complete. If you have previously visited a price chopper store in your location, kindly provide your feedback on the types of services and products provided to you by price chopper. Once you give a honest feedback, your reviews will be helping price chopper to evaluates it’s quality of services given to it’s customers. All information that will be provided by a participant will never be publicly displayed or published and will only be used to improve price chopper products and services.

Every opinion you provide will be highly regarded and will be only used to strategically drive innovations and improve price chopper’s quality of sold products and services . when filling the questions please give a honest review on the quality of all services provided to you by a price chopper outlet. If your survey feedback will criticize any product or services, Price chopper managers will carefully review your concerns and take all the right measures that will prevent any further inconveniences. Any feedback provided by a customer will be intensively used to drive and promote innovation’s at all price chopper outlets and also improve the company’s quality of standards.

Besides giving a genuine review, you entry will also be eligible to win a Price Chopper gift card worth $ 500 for every completed survey. It’s not a must you purchase a product in order to win the $500 gift card, all you have to do is go to http://www.pcfeedback.com and participate in the survey. It’s very easy to win the gift card, by just providing a genuine review, your name will be in the entry for the $500 price chopper gift card sweepstakes.

Unlike other surveys that don’t pay you for giving a feedback, price chopper constant survey consider the time you use to provide valuable information and at the end of the survey, you name will put in an entry of winning a $500 gift card. You might be the lucky winner of this gift card, just give it a trial and wait for a confirmation from price chopper.

Requirements for participating in price chopper sweepstakes
-In order to be eligible for the sweepstakes, you must be 18 years and above.
– You must have a permanent permit to live in the US and a residence of the United States or Washington D.C

Price chopper constant customer survey.
(a) Requirements for price chopper survey:
-A three digit store location number located on your receipt. If you don’t have the number, visit your nearest price chopper outlet and request it.
– In order to start this survey, you should be able to read in English.

Steps for carrying out the survey
1. Visit price chopper website through this URL address http://www.pcfeedback.com.
2. On the welcome page of the website, you will be requested to fill your 3 digit store number of the price chopper that you visited.
3. After entering the 3 digit store number printed on your receipt, click on the start banner to take the survey.
4. In the next part of the survey site, answer all questions based on your own experience with price chopper products and services. Try to be honest when giving out your opinions, since every information that you will fill, will be intensively used to improve the company’s services and products.
5. When you are done with all the questions, click on the finish button at the bottom of the page to submit and complete your survey.
6. You will get a congratulation message for completing the survey and your name will be entered into price chopper $500 gift card sweepstakes.

Once you complete the survey, your name will be in the entry for the $500 price chopper gift card. There are winners who have already walked away with this amazing gift. There are not so many surveys that pay you for your opinion, but with price chopper, your reviews are highly regarded and rewarded. If your name is selected by price chopper sweepstakes, you will be notified with the contact information that you will fill at the end of the survey. The $500 gift card can be used to purchase goods and services at any of price choppers locations.


Reference Links

  1. Price Chopper Constant Customer Feedback Survey Link: www.pcfeedback.com
  2. Price Chopper Official Site: www.pricechopper.com


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