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Complete Baskin Robbins Geust experience survey and get a validation code to redeem special offers at the stores.

All you need to know about Baskin Robbins guest survey

Baskin Robbins is giving you a free validation code after completing an online survey found at www.Mybrexperience.com. This survey is designed by Baskin Robbins to gather important information about customer reviews on products and services offered by the store. The information that you shall provide in the survey will be strategically used to drive innovative ideas and projects across all Baskin Robbins stores.

Do you love shopping at Baskin Robbins? How do you feel about Baskin Robbins store s atmosphere? Are the attendants cool to you? Did you use Baskin Robbins washrooms when you visited their stores? These are some of the questions you can expect to find at www.Mybrexperience.com. If have a look at these questions, you will notice that they are very brief and easy to answer. It doesn’t take much time to complete them. You can help Baskin Robbins improve their quality of services by simply providing some answer on some issues that they don’t know how customers think about them. The online survey is the only way you can communicate with the company and raise your voice on things that you want them to improve on.

About Baskin Robbins company facts
Baskin Robbins is one of the world largest ice cream store chain that has more than 15,000 stores internationally. It was founded in 1945 by two brother in laws in Glendale California. Baskin Robbins stores are popularly known due to their highly flavored and tasty ice creams. Beside ice creams Baskin Robbins also serves delicious cakes, pies, burgers, desserts, treats and many more products.

Requirements for completing the survey
1. You must be able to read English or Arabic
2. You must have a computer or smartphone with internet access
3. A customer copy of receipt with a 20 digit survey code

Follow these steps to complete the online guest survey
1. Using your preferred device open your browser and enter this web address www.Mybrexperience.com
2. On the survey welcome page, you will be required to enter the 20 digit survey code printed on your receipt. Verify that you have entered it correctly and click on the “start” button
3. In the next page of the survey, you will be required to enter the time of visit to the stores. Indicate the time and click “next” to continue.
4. In the next page of the survey, indicate what you ordered and how satisfied you were with their services.
5. On the next page of the survey, you will be required to answer some series of questions based on your whole experience with Baskin stores. At this part of the survey, try to provide genuine information. Every feedback that you shall leave will be carefully reviewed and used to drive innovative projects at the company. If you have any critical information or complains that you would like the company to know, use the comments box to write your complains. Baskin Robbins will carefully review your critics and make the necessary changes that will prevent any further interruptions.
6. Once you are done with all the question, you will be given a validation code at the completion of the survey. Write down the code on your receipt and present it to a Baskin Robbins store on your next visit.
7. Click on the finish button to complete the survey.

Upon the completion of Baskin Robbins Guest experience survey, you will be awarded a validation code that you can use to redeem offers at a Baskin Robbins store. Visit www.Mybrexperience.com and complete the online survey to get this code.



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