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About Ninety Nine Guest Experience survey
The 99 guest survey can be found at www.My99experience.com. it’s an online based survey designed 99 restaurant to gather important information about their restaurants. If you have recently visited one of 99 restaurant, kindly visit www.My99experience.com to complete their guest survey. In the survey, you will be requested to rate the restaurant services and comment on the food products offered to you. By participating in this brief survey, you will be helping the company to know what’s good about them and what customers dislike about them.

Participating in online surveys is very fun, especially on your free time. Online survey contains very simple questions and they always reward you for sharing your views. At www.My99experience.com, you can leave a feedback and get a validation code to redeem an offer printed on your receipt. If you like to spend some time at 99 restaurant, kindly visit their survey site, complete their survey and get a prize that will make you spend more time at 99 restaurants.

How to redeem 99 restaurant survey special offer
If you want to get the survey special offer printed on your customer copy of receipt. Visit the survey site to complete the brief survey and at the end of it, you will receive a validation code to redeem the special offer.

Requirements for taking 99 restaurant guest survey
1.You need a computer with internet access
2.You must have a recent 99 restaurant receipt that contains an invitation to the survey
3. You must be able to read and understand English. The survey is not available in other languages.

Step by step on how to complete the online survey
1. Visit www.My99experience.com. This link will direct you to the official page of 99 restaurant survey.
2. At the survey welcome page you will be required to enter a 16 digit serial code that is printed on your receipt. Enter all the digits continuously and then fill in the server name printed on your receipt.
3. When promoted to the next page, please provide genuine information on the series of question contained in the survey. Every answer that you will provide will be strategically used to drive innovative strategies at 99 restaurant. If you have some critics that you would like to give, please don’t shy off from providing them. 99 restaurant Company officials will carefully handle the critics and ensure no future interruptions will occur.
4. All the question in the survey are very simple to answer and are based on your whole experience with the restaurant food products and services.
5. After you have successfully answered all question of the survey, click on the finish button to complete and submit your survey.

99 restaurant Guest satisfaction survey provides it’s customers with a reward for simply completing the online survey. Many restaurant survey do not offer their customers with rewards after they have completed an online survey but 99 restaurant survey is different. Once you complete the brief online survey, you will be given a validation code for redeeming a special offer that will be printed on your receipt. If you have a 99 restaurant receipt with you, don’t wait until the offer is gone. Visit their survey site, complete the simple questions and get a chance to enjoy their special offer.


Reference Links

  1. The  99 restaurant  Official website – https://www.99restaurants.com/
  2. The  99 restaurant  guest satisfaction survey – www.My99experience.com

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