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About Mc Donald’s

Mc Donald’s is a fast growing chain of food restaurants operating in the US and the rest of the world. It operates approximately 35000 restaurants present in over a 100 countries and serves a population of approximately 70 million people. Mc Donald’s is famous for the chicken Ms nuggets it offers and other happy meals. It is dated a s back as 1954.

Mc Donald’s is aimed at giving back to society what they truly deserve. This can only be possible if they identified the diverse and changing needs of this society. They therefore have designed and developed a short online questionnaire that enables their customers to leave their feedback.

About  www.mcdvoice.com

This is an online survey that allows millions of Mc Donald’s customers to express their feelings and the experiences they got from Mc Donald’s. This experiences major in customer service and on the quality of food that was offered. With this valuable feedback, Mc Donald’s can then improve, maintain or better their customers services. Owe to your honest opinion, the customer service at Mc Donald’s can change forever.

As a reward for the time sacrifice to take part in the survey. Mc Donalds offers you a redeemable validation code at the end of the survey. Write this code down and redeem it at your next visit to Mc Donalds.

The customer survey only takes a few minutes for convenience of their customers. It is also done online and therefore, any customer can undertake this survey at their own convenient time.

For you to take part in the Mc Donald’s survey, you need to have the following;

Any device that can connect to the internet e.g. laptop, PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone
An active internet connection
A receipt following a recent visit to Mc Donald’s
A basic knowledge of either English or Spanish
A email address.
Step by Step Guide on How to Undertake the Survey

1. go to www.mcdvoice.com

With a fast and reliable internet connection, this page loads fast and introduces you to the surveys official homepage. Select he language you wish to partake he survey in. Ensure that it is the language you are most proficient in. The survey is only available in English and Spanish.

2. Enter the receipt information required

Retrieve a recent receipt from Mc Donald’s, from this receipt enter the KS number, the store number, date of visit, order, time of visit and the amount spent. Double check this information to make sure its correct. In case you are lost, confirm the information from the example given on your right. Click start to launch the survey.

3. Answer the series of your experience questions that follow

This is the most important part of the survey as it enables you to honestly give your feedback, describe your problem if there was any, rate their general performance and compare Mc Donalds with other food restaurants.

4. Complete the survey

Complete the Mc Donald’s survey by writing down the validation code given in your receipt. This code is redeemable at your next visit to Mc Donalds.

Short and simple, you have then completed the Mc Donald’s customer experience survey. Your views will be highly appreciated and you will be assured of a better customer experience on your next visit.



1. www.mcdvoice.com


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