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About www.Jambajuicelistens.com
The above-mentioned link will give you an assured chance to win a free drink or any other prevailing scheme, offered by Jamba Juice. This is possible only when you complete the entire survey and give your authentic feedback to the management of the Jamba Juice. It has a set of around 20 questions, which are related to the restaurant aura, taste and few other factors that will help the management to improve their quality of service. Devoting around 7 to 10 minutes will give you a confirmed coupon that can be redeemed in their store on your next visit.

About Jamba Juice Company –
This is one of the top most restaurant retailer having its headquarter in Emeryville, California. They are currently into more than 26+ states with 800+ retail outlets. These outlets include the company owned and the franchise-stores as well! The founder of Jamba Juice – Mr. Kirk Perron – was a health freak personality and the first store was started in the year 1965 at San Luis Obispo, California. Today it serves various cuisines in Fresh juice, Smoothies, Energy bowls, Oatmeal etc.

How To Participate In The Online Survey – www.Jambajuicelistens.com
Before participating in the survey, you should arrange the following hardware –
1. Desktop or laptop. Even mobile phone or tablet will suffice the basic need.
2. Internet connection to visit the above-mentioned link or the hardware should be WiFi enabled.
3. Printer – To print the bonus coupon after taking the survey.

Step-By-Step Guide To Complete The Entire Survey Process
1. Once you press ‘Start’ then you will be asked the first question “Please rate your overall satisfaction with your experience at this Jamba Juice” – You will have the scale of five (5) options starting from ‘Highly Satisfied’ to ‘Highly Dissatisfied’. You are requested to key in the genuine experience on the same scale. Press ‘Next’
2. The next question is related to the Jamba Juice App – “How satisfied were you with the Jamba Juice App overall?” Again you have to answer on the same scale as mentioned in point 1. Press ‘Next’
3. The third question is as follows – “How satisfied were you in picking up your Jamba Juice App order in the store?” Proceed to ‘Next’ after giving your feedback.
4. The next question is whether you had a ‘Carry-out’ or ‘Dine-in’? Click on the correct tag as per your choice.
5. Now there will be four questions with respect to the Jamba Juice App. Here you have an option to skip any question if you have not used that particular app component by pressing the last option ‘N/A’ i.e. ‘not applicable’. After giving the perfect feedback, press ‘Next’
6. Now you will be questioned with the actual order placed with three options – ‘Food only’, ‘Beverage only’ or ‘Both’. Advance ahead by pressing ‘Next’
7. Questions starting at this stage are with respect to the actual menu items you had ordered. Those include the actual menu item, hot or cold and so on. Proceed further till you reach the questions regarding the store environment.
8. Five (5) sub-questions are asked and you are requested to answer as per your choice.
9. Next question is about the amicability of the staff. Give your original feedback.
10. The next set of questions are considered to be important a) Recommendation to others b)Visit again in next 30 days. Answer these questions without any bluff. This feedback will help the management of the Jamba Juice to improve their service.
11. The next question is about the frequency of your visit/s to the Jamba Juice Store. Answer the same and press ‘Next’
12. Now you will be diverted to the question asking the reason of your visit to their store. Here you have completed 70% of the entire survey.
13. Give the mode of payment in your next question.
14. There are some personal questions like your gender, age and the place you belong. This data is only for the classification purpose and it is never shared with any outsiders.
15. Finally you will be asked for your email id. Do share the same with them, as they will email you the coupon on the same email id. You will receive the coupon with a unique code and the expiry date mentioned on the same. (It is valid for one month) You can carry the printout of the same coupon on your next visit to avail the benefit!

Special Note – Jamba Juice Insider Rewards
Whenever you signup Jamba Juice website, you are liable for their exclusive rewards like Birthday Juice, $3 off on 35 points earned, $3 off just for joining and many more!


Reference Links

  1. The Jamba Juice’s Official website – www.jambajuice.com
  2. The Jamba Juice’s  guest satisfaction survey – www.jambajuicelistens.com

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