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This is a customer experience survey that has been designed and developed by Bon ton stores inc, to obtain feedback information from their customers on the quality of products and services they offer them. This survey is aimed at realising the flaws that may be present in their businesses but are unseen or ignored and the diverse and ever changing consumer needs.

The customers are encouraged to participate in this survey as only their answers can help bon ton stores and their associates improve on the quality and services offered to their customers. By default, this survey is conducted online where a large number of their customers can access it and fill it at their own convenience. The survey takes only up to 5 minutes.
Requirements For Taking Part in the survey

In order to participate in the survey, the customers need to have:
1. A PC, laptop, smart phone, tablet or any other device that can connect to the Internet
2. An active Internet connection
3. An email address
4. A receipt following a recent visit to Bon ton or one of their associate stores


Step By Step Guide on How To Undertake The Survey


With a fast and efficient Internet, the official survey homepage loads quickly and efficiently. Here, the customer is welcomed to undertake the survey. If not ready the customer can quit the survey by clicking the exit and clear button and fill the survey later when ready. But if ready, the customer proceeds to the next step.

2. State the location of the bon ton store where you shopped

Give the city, state and province of the bon ton store where you shopped, after the details, click on the next button and proceed to the next page.

3.Enter the transaction information from your sales ID

This information include the associate ID, transaction ID, the discount ID and the date. The location of this information is well indicated in the sample ID given. Alongside the information you will be required to state whether you would visit the store again and to rate how much you would recommend the store to your friends. Upon completion, click next to advance to the next page.

4. Answer the survey information honestly and thoroughly

Read and comprehend the questions asked, choose the most honest answer in the multiple choice questions. Write a brief on your advise, suggestion or experience in the text box available in the open ended questions.

5. Additional information

If you were helped by an associate in the shopping experience, you will need to state the name and the department of the associate and your comments for him to be recognized.

6. Fill in your personal contact details

If you wish to be contacted by bon ton, then you will need to leave your personal contact details such as your name, phone and email. You can then submit your survey.

Easy as that, bon ton stores will have saved your information and they will later use it to determine which areas require their attention and the areas that you and others are comfortable in. Your feedback is most valued by bon ton, inc.





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