Taking the Mellow Mushrooms Guest Feedback Survey.

Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers is a restaurant franchise that specializes in pizza but also has a large selection of salads, hoagies, calzones, appetizers and drinks such as craft beer on offer. They have a large selection of specialty pizzas and even give customers a chance to build their own pizza on their website. Mellow Mushroom also has a menu targeted toward kids ensuring their restaurants offer a welcoming family experience. The company has been in operation since the year 1974. Their main website is located at www.mellowmushroom.com.

Mellow Mushroom is inviting its customers to take their guest feedback survey. The survey is available by visiting the website www.iammellow.com. The survey site is under the auspices of the Service Management Group who work together with Mellow Mushroom to collect feedback from Mellow Mushroom’s customers. The feedback you provide is very valuable to Mellow Mushroom and will be used by the company to improve the quality of everything they offer to its customers. This ranges from the quality of their food to the quality of their sales and customer service.

To complete the survey, you will require to set aside about five minutes of your time. As a reward for your participation in the survey, Mellow Mushroom will give you a validation code at the end of the survey which you can redeem for the discount offer indicated the next time you order food at a Mellow Mushroom restaurant.

How to Participate in the Mellow Mushroom Guest Feedback Survey

You will need to:

-Be able to fill out answers to the survey questions in English.
-Be able to access a device connected to the internet.
-Have a recent receipt from Mellow Mushroom with a survey code printed at the bottom. The code expires within 7 days from the date of your visit.

Taking the Survey

1. Have your receipt at hand then visit the survey website at www.iammellow.com.

2. The landing page contains a welcome message from Mellow Mushroom and a link to the company’s survey privacy policy. Below that, you are provided with a text box where are you are required to enter the 16 digit survey code found at the bottom of your receipt. When you have done so, click “Start” to proceed.

3. The survey questions presented in the next few pages are very easy to answer by following the instructions given. You will be required to provide a rating on some aspects of your visit and some other questions will require you to write out an answer or pick an answer from a group of choices. Be as honest as possible while answering to make sure your responses are of the best possible value to Mellow Mushroom.

4. At the end of the survey, you will be presented with a discount offer on some selected food item. Print out the validation code or write it out on your receipt then take it with you the next time you visit a Mellow Mushroom restaurant in order to enjoy your discount offer and a great meal besides.



1. www.mellowmushroom.com

2. www.iammellow.com


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