Win ( ) a Free $500 gift card for provinding your feedback at HomeGoods Survey

About HomeGoods Customer satisfaction survey
HomeGoods Customer survey can be found at The online survey is designed by HomeGoods and its purpose is to measure customer approval of services and products offered by HomeGoods. It’s a very brief customer satisfaction survey and will take you less than 5 minutes to complete. By participating in this survey, you will be providing valuable feedback that will be used to improve products and services offered to you by a HomeGoods outlet.With your feedback the company will be able to evaluate it’s Challenges and make the desired changes that will ensure no more interferences will occur.

Beside giving your feedback, HomeGoods is providing you with a chance to walk away with an amazing prize of a $500 gift card that can be used to redeem goods or services at a HomeGoods outlet. The gift card will be awarded to a lucky winner who will be drawn from the survey sweepstakes.

How to win HomeGoods Survey sweepstakes prize
It’s very easy to win these prize, all you have to do is visit and leave a feedback based on your customer experience with one of HomeGoods Outlet. This gift card is real and it’s awarded to lucky a winner, today might be your lucky day. Visit HomeGoods survey site and just answer the simple survey questions.

Requirements for taking HomeGoods survey
1. You need a computer and internet access to complete the survey
2. You must have previously purchased HomeGoods product or accessed their services and retained your customer copy of receipt.
3. In order to be eligible for the survey sweepstakes, you must complete the online survey.
4. You must be able to read and understand English or Spanish.

Step by step instructions for completing the online survey
1. visit HomeGoods survey website using this web address
2. On the homepage of the survey site, you will see a welcome message guiding you on how to carry out the survey.
3. If you don’t clearly understand English, click on the “Spanish” link to complete the survey using Spanish.
4. In the next page of the survey, you will be required to enter the date, survey number and time of visit. All these details can be found on your customer copy of receipt.
5. When promoted to the next page, please provide genuine information on the series of question contained in the survey. Every answer that you will provide will be strategically used to drive innovative strategies at HomeGoods. If you have some critics that you would like to give, please don’t hesitate from providing them. HomeGoods officials will carefully review the critics and ensure no future interruptions will occur.
6. After answering all the question in the survey, you will be asked to provide contact details that will be used to notify you, in case you are chosen as the winner of the survey sweepstakes.
7. After entering your name in the survey sweepstake lottery, click on the “submit” button to complete the survey

With a few minutes of your extra time, you can get rewarded for providing some feedback at It’s very easy to win the $500 gift card, visit the above URL, complete the online survey and wait for a winning conformation from HomeGoods.


Reference Links

  1. HomeGoods’s Official website –
  2. HomeGoods’s  guest satisfaction survey –


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