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About Hallmark

Hallmark is a US based private company that was founded back in 1910. It is aimed at making the world a better and more caring place by making people love, laugh, heal and say thanks through their uniquely and beautifully designed cards. Their cards are known to bring a sense of belonging, love, celebration and appreciation. These cards are sold in over 40000 stores in the US.

Hallmark Gold Crowns are stores that exclusively major in the sale of hallmark products which include cards, gifts, gift wraps, candy, stationery and personal accessories. 2000 out of 2400 stores are independently operated and they are only under license agreements to carry hallmarks name and products.

About www.hallmarkfeedback.com survey

This is an online questionnaire providing the hall mark gold crowns customers a chance to give their feedback on the latest visit to any of their stores. This feedback is most useful to Hall mark Gold crowns as they enable them to discover the challenges and opportunities available in their businesses. They will therefore improve on the challenges and maintain the positive opportunities offered to their customers.

By participating in this survey, the customers also get a $2 worth of coupon which is activated by a code present in the end of the survey. They can redeem the coupons at the next visit to a hallmark Gold Crown. The survey is conducted online hence
it can be undertaken at any time and different location of the world.

How To Participate In The Hallmark Gold Crown Survey.

To participate in the survey, you will require the following;

A PC, laptop, notebook, tablet, smartphone or any other device that can connect to the internet.
An active internet connection
A receipt following a recent visit to one of hallmark Gold Crown stores.
A basic knowledge of either English or Spanish

Step By Step Guide on How To Conduct The Survey

1. Go to www.hallmarkfeedback.com

This welcomes you to Hallmarks Gold Crown Survey official homepage. You are thanked for the decision to participate in the survey and required to choose the language of your choice. Between English and Spanish.

2. Enter the receipt details

Make sure that you have the receipt right with you. You can also opt to use an invitation card to undertake the survey. Fill in details which includes the survey number, date and time of the visit and the total amount spent during the visit. Double check your information to make sure its correct and click enter to continue.

3. Answer the survey questions.

This is the most important part of the survey. Read the questions and instructions carefully and answer the questions as truthfully and thoroughly as you can. Give the most approximate rating in multiple choice questions.

4. Complete the survey

Upon answering the survey questions, leave your complaints and suggestions at the end of the survey and close the window after you have finished. Write the code down that will help activate you $2 coupon.

Within a few minutes you will have completed the experience survey and expressed your thoughts and feelings about hallmark Gold Crown Stores. Do not miss the chance to better your shopping experience.



1. www.hallmarkfeedback.com

2. https://www.hallmarkfeedback.com/?AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1


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