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The frequent customers are given a fantastic benefit for their revisit. To avail this benefit, the earlier receipt plays the important role. The website that helps the guest; to gain this benefit is, which is owned by The Chili’s Grill & Bar. By inputting certain data on this website, it will give a chance to win a fabulous offers on their next visit to this high quality restaurant. There is a ‘Guest Survey’ that has to be genuinely undertaken by the customers. And this survey will help the Chili’s to offer better services to their guests, in future.

About Chili’s Grill & Bar Restaurant –
One of the superfine international chain of business establishment serving food and drink, founded by Mr. Larry Levine in Texas in 1975, which has received various appreciation certificates for its excellent performance in the hospitality industry. Even Fortune Magazine has applauded it as the ‘World’s Most Praised Food Services’ in the hospitality industry.
They mainly serve the fusion of American Cuisine and Mexican Cuisine, giving the utmost importance to the nutritional value of the food items they serve. Even the regional cuisines are catered to, depending on the international locations. It is located internationally at various countries in Asia, Europe, Middle East, North American/Caribbean, Central and South America. Chili’s Grill & Bar are mainly into mouthwatering vegetarian cuisines. But they do serve non-vegetarian in some of their international locations.

It is confirmed by the happy customers that the restaurant atmosphere is highly vibrant and zealous. Some of the contended customers, visiting again are offered fabulous offers for their loyalty in returning. How this is possible?

How Can The Guest Participate In The Guest Survey Of Chili’s Grill & Bar Restaurant?
Well, it is absolutely not a very difficult task. If you will follow the following steps, you can probably be the proud winner of the result.

1. Get an access to one computer, equipped with an Internet access.
2. It is implied that you have the receipt/bill of your first visit (or any consecutive visit) to this restaurant.

Detailed Direction To Participate And Avail This Bonus –
Once you are equipped with one computer having internet access and a receipt just visit the website You will see their logo on left side, with a title ‘GUEST SURVEY – PEPPER IN SOME FEEDBACK’ on the right-hand top corner. There are hardly four mandatory fields to be keyed in with one optional field in the list.

1. Survey Code – This code is available 6 lines above the end of the page (giving the bill total), and below the title ‘YOUR SURVEY CODE’.
2 Check Number – In some of the international places it is called as bill number. It is exactly below the time on the extreme right side, upper side.
3. Date of the receipt/bill – Here you can input the date of your visit using the calendar mode of The usage is self-explanatory.
4. Total Bill Amount – The net bill amount can be located on the extreme bottom right corner of the receipt. Please enter the net billing amount.
5. Server Name – This is the optional field. If possible, you can input the server who has served you; else you can skip this field.

All the above-mentioned data is available on the RECEIPT of your first visit/subsequent visits.
One rule that is followed in Chili’s Grill & Bar is that, the staff members and their immediate family member’s aren’t authorized to participate in this survey. It means that only authentic customers feedback is accepted and respected.

There is hardly any wastage of your precious time wherein you can get into this survey mode and avail the benefit from their Customer Experience Survey On-line, which is worth the time you will spend on this survey. It is like enjoying your meal and additionally securing monetary benefit on the amount spent!


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