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About Gas Visit Customer survey
Gas visit survey found at www.Gasvisit.com belongs to an American energy company known as Phillips 66. The company was founded back in the 1920’s and today it has tremendously grown to a huge brand that operates under the names of Phillips 66 (the union), 76 and Conoco. Phillips 66 Gas stations are located all over the Midwest and southwest states of America. Their headquarters are based in Houston, Texas and they are ranked number 6 among a fortune of 500 other gas supply companies. Phillips 66 has over 13,500 employees who work in over 45 different countries worldwide.

Phillips 66 customer survey found at www.Gasvisit.com requires your feedback in order to improve it’s company products and services. By complete the simple online based survey, you will be helping the company to drive innovations and make the desired improvements that will help them serve you better next time you visit any of Phillips 66 outlet location.

How to win a free gas with Phillips 66 survey
Have you recently purchase a product or accessed Phillips 66 services? What did you like about the company ?, were you satisfied with their level of customer services?. These are some of the simple questions you will be required to answer in order to win a free gas courtesy of Phillips 66. The survey is very brief and easy to complete, all you need to do is offer some feedback and wait to be contacted as the one year Gas winner.

Requirements for completing the customer survey found at www.Gasvisit.com
1. You must be able to read and understand English.
2. You must be 18 years and above to be eligible for the survey sweepstakes.
3. You must have a customer copy of the receipt containing the zip code of the station that you recently visited.

Step by step on how to complete the online survey
1. Visit Phillips 66 official survey site using this url www.Gasvisit.com
2. On the survey welcome page, you will see a welcome note and simple instructions on how to fill in the information required in that page.
3. Locate your receipt and type the zip code of the gas station that you recently visited.
4. Confirm you have entered the collect details and click on the ’Start’ button to start the survey.
5. In the next page of the survey, you will be asked to reflect way back on that day that you visited Phillips 66. You will be asked to comment on how you were received and how the company officials treated you.
6. Other questions includes: did you use the company washrooms? Were they clean?, did you use an ATM to pay for the services and goods?
7. When answering all the survey questions, please be frank and provide the required information. Every information that you shall give, will be carefully reviewed and used to drive innovations in the company.
8. After you have answered all the questions, please provide contact details in the last page of the survey. The contact information will be used to notify you, once you are selected as the winner of the sweepstake.
9. Click on the submit button to complete the survey.

By providing your feedback at www.Gasvisit.com, you will be helping the company to improve on it’s quality of standards that will make Phillips 66 a great place to shop with your family and friends.


Reference Links

  1. Phillips66’s Official website – www.phillips66gas.com
  2. Phillips66’s  guest satisfaction survey – www.Gasvisit.com


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