Participate in ( ) the Devon Feedback Survey and win yourself exciting prizes!

Take a simple online survey & grab attractive gifts year round .
The is an online extension of the Devon Seafood Grill, which is prominent restaurant, having its roots in the U.S and comprising of six restaurant chains in all. It exudes a very casual and fun dining environment, with unique interiors and upscale cuisines, with special emphasis to seafood. People at the Devo, communicate with their customers via this website address and occasionally encourage online surveys from interested people, so that they can work to live up to the expectations of their customers and progress further.

Devon has built a prestigious reputation for itself, owing to its fresh and delectable seafood dishes, as well as imaginative apparel.Yet, it still aspires to improve more and more and reach the pinnacle of success. To achieved this end, it maintains an online Guest Satisfaction Survey, which allows their previous and ongoing customers to review their services, give an honest feedback and send any suggestions in a candid manner. Participation in this survey has many perks, but above them all, there is a chance to win free exciting gifts.

Participate in the Devon Feedback Survey and win yourself exciting prizes!

To participate and complete the online Guest Satisfaction Survey boasted by Devon Grill, all that is needed is a sound internet connection, the receipt from your previous dining experience at the Devon Grill, and a couple of minutes from your busy schedule. The survey may be accessed by visiting the authentic website of Devon Grill, at

It is essential to note that Devon Grill takes your feedback very seriously and intends to act upon them, which is why your time and effort will surely never go in vain.The website is 100% scam-free, without disturbing ads and interfering pop-up windows. This improves your surveying experience and makes it instant. Moreover, once you have submitted the feedback successfully, Devon Grill rewards you with a special gift offer, as a token of appreciation for your honest feedback.

Stepwise guide on how to do the survey

1. Visit the official website of Devon Seafood Grill and launch yourself at the online page pertaining to Guest Satisfaction Survey. On the dialog box shown, enter your survey number from your bill receipt.

2. Next comes a set of questions, which require you to answer through a rating mechanism. The questions cover multiple facets of your dining experience at the Devon Seafood Grill. You can rate ambiance, food quality, speed of service, courtesy and efficiency of payment.

3. Devon Grill loves to pride itself with some self-boasting, so you will be next guided to a page that asks you the primary reason behind choosing Devon as the restaurant of your choice.

4. Now comes the fun and bountiful part, when you are asked to sign up for more news from the Devon Grill, in exchange for an exciting free gift, simply for signing up and also one on your birthday every year. However you can choose to opt out of receiving news and thus free gifts.

5. In case you choose ‘yes’ and want to avail the free gift offer, simply input your name, email address as well as date of birth, to receive an exciting birthday gift every year.

6. With the completion of this survey, you will receive a short validation code, to avail the offer.

The Guest Satisfaction Survey has benefits galore. Not only is it convenient and short, but it also comes with the chance to win attractive gifts. Above all, it allows you to voice your opinions and communicate your suggestions to people at the Devon Seafood Grill, all of what which translate into a better dining experience, each and every time.

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