www.ChurchsChickensurvey.com awards your time after just few clicks

ChurchsChicken survey  awards your time after just few clicks
Just like many other restaurant chains Church’s Chicken started with one small store and a big dream. Its founder George W. Church Sr. always loved chicken and wanted to share his craving with other people. His first store was a Chicken-To-Go corner shop located at downtown San Antonio. Soon after his first store became to earn money he opened few more all the way to Alamo. Churchie became the mascot for his brand and the first side item added to the menu were Jalapeno peppers. Over the years business grew and now Church’s Chicken is the fourthly largest chicken restaurant in the US. Following trends throughout the years Church’s Chicken changed a few things, but only visually, the taste of their food and high service standards always stayed the same.
In order to keep up with the new needs and trends on the market Church’s Chicken now invites its clients to complete their online survey for which they will be awarded. If you like something or maybe not, feel free to share that within few minutes.
How can you be a part of this survey?
Church’s Chicken officials are eager to hear your opinion about their brand, that’s why the special survey was created, so they would know what to change and what they just need to improve. All you’ll need to be a part of this research and become a winner of a prize is a receipt from your local Church’s Chicken store, internet connection, and pen.
What ‘ll you need to do in order to receive your prize?
1. First of all go to link www.churchschickensurvey.com
2. Choose your preferred language, options offered: English and Spanish.
3. Rewrite the info from your receipt asked: Store number, order number, time and date in blank fields.
4. Click on start button and begin with your survey.
5. Few questions will follow concerning your satisfaction with service, food and venue design. Also, you’ll be asked to give your overall score and to rate the menu item availability.
6. Read and answer every question with understanding, be honest with your answers and at the end click finish.
7. After you’re done you’ll receive a validation code you’ll need to get your prize. Be sure to write it down and keep it on a safe place.
Once you’re done you can visit Church’s Chicken located anywhere in the US and claim your prize in a shape of one of the items on the menu. Like any modern company aware of their customer’s needs Church’s Chicken wants to stay on top for as long as it’s possible. Since last 60 years were all about providing the best chicken there is with polite service, company would like to keep it that way. Officials at Church’s Chicken understand what they are asking from you seeks few minutes of your time which you might not have, but they are ready to award your effort in the best way they know, with their food. But that is just imminent prize, the bigger prize you’ll get it will come after the surveying process when all of the suggestions will be implemented giving you the best chicken chain in the USA.


Reference Links

  1. Churchs’s Official website – www.churchs.com
  2. Churchs’s  guest satisfaction survey – www.ChurchsChickensurvey.com

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