About The Chili’s Guest Experience Survey

About The Chili’s Guest Experience Survey
Companies in the services industry have found a convenient way to solicit customer feedbacks. One such ingenious way is by having customers complete Guest Experience Survey. The Chili is not left out in this game. The Chili’s Guest Experience Survey gives its customers an opportunity to leave feedback on product and services offered to them. The survey underscores Chill’s dedication and commitment to customer satisfaction and fulfillment. It places premium value on its customers. Through the feedback the customer is given opportunity to tell the company how best he or she would like to be served and treated. The feedback enables the company to better understand the needs and demands of its customer base. This, of course, will translate to better service delivery, excellent public relations and ultimately increased volumes of sales. It also provides a platform where customers can lodge complaints such as mistreatment, discrimination and even harassment to the management.

The company attaches a lot of importance to each survey completed. The survey is brief and will only take a few minutes to complete. By participating in the survey, you stand a chance of winning $1000. Customers can logon to www.chilis-survey.com to complete the survey.

So How Do You Participate in the Chili’s Guest Experience Survey?
For you to participate in the survey, you must:
1. Have a recent receipt from the Chili. You will be required to enter the 12-character code found in the receipt to take the survey.
2. Have a reliable internet access. The survey is done online. You can do the survey any time at any place of your convenience.
3. You should be able to comprehend English or Spanish language. You can choose either language convenient to you to conduct the survey.

Easy Steps to Do the Survey
While answering the questions, try to give accurate, candid and honest information. Listed below are the steps to carry out the Chili’s Guest Experience Survey:
1. In your internet browser, go to www.chilis-survey.com. This will take you directly to the Guest Survey home page
2. While there, choose to complete the survey in English by clicking on the link “Begin Survey in English” or in Spanish by clicking the link “Commience in Espanol”. While still on this page, you can read the Sweepstakes rules and the privacy policy.
3. Enter the 12-character code in your receipt and click on the “GO” button or simply hit the enter button on your keyboard. The receipt should not be older than 4 days.
4. Complete the survey. You will answer questions about your recent experience. Be candid and honest. Most of the questions are multiple-choice; however, there are some text boxes which will require your personal opinion. The text boxes are meant to capture your true experiences and the improvements you might want to have on your next visit. Use the text boxes to provide useful information that will help Chili to serve you better next time.
5. After the survey, you will be required to leave your contact information which will be used for Sweepstakes entry. This part is optional. If you do not want to be entered into a draw, exit your browser window.



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