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Let Chevrolet Know How You Feel with their Customer Satisfaction Survey
In the world where every product has a rating and a user review, car companies need to find a way to get feedback from customers about their products. The goal is to get feedback from people that actually bought their vehicle and not just some random visitor who has seen some info on the car and has an opinion. This is why surveys are excellent. Furthermore, to enter this survey you will need a username and password provided by Chevrolet.

If you want Chevrolet to improve their dealerships and vehicles you can actually do just that, by completing their Online Dealership Survey. It is an easy way to participate and get your opinion heard. Whether you are satisfied or not, it does not matter, because giving feedback helps anyways. The results of the surveys are seen by people and not by bots or by any kind of computer software. The survey takes about 2 or 3 minutes to complete and after that it is sent to the dealership manager in question. How do you participate?

You need to visit the Chevrolet Customer Satisfaction Survey website.
The next step is to login and enter your username and password.
Now click on the “Login” button, bellow the text boxes.
The rest is easy, just answer the following questions provided by the survey.

About Chevrolet

Founded in November 1911, referred to as Chevy by many, Chevrolet is an American automobile division of the well known American car manufacturer General Motors (GM). In North America, the company produces a variety of vehicles, from small cars to medium commercial trucks. In 2010 Chevrolet had operations in over 140 countries all over the world, and the global sales for 2011 set a record with 4.76 million vehicles sold, thus further improving the brand’s value and the potential for future growth. The largest market was the United States with 1.175.812 vehicles sold and with the market share of 36.9%, followed by Brazil, China and Russia. In 2014, the highly influentual Edmunds.com webiste has rewarded Chevrolet with 9 rewards. Corvette Stingray and Traverse received Edmunds.com Top Rated Vehicle awards. Other models, like the Camaro, Silverado 1500, Corvette, Impala, Traverse, Colorado, Tahoe and Stingray, were among the top three “Most Popular on Edmunds.com” vehicles in each of their own segments for the year of 2014.

For the company to grow, it needs high quality feedback from its customers. The US market has proven to be the largest and most important for the company, and that is why they are asking their customers to provide some info on their Chevrolet purchase. Help the brand that you and so many other Americans love, just by spending a few minutes and completing a simple survey. It can greatly affect the products in the future, and the overall customer experience for your future purchases, as well as the experience of new customers. A few minutes for a better Chevrolet, sounds like a good deal.

Reference Links

  1. Chevrolet’s Official website – www.chevrolet.com
  2. Chevrolet’s  guest satisfaction survey – www.chevroletdealershipsurvey.com

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