www.Bucafeedback.com – Win prizes by participating in Buca di beppo web survey contest

Win prizes by participating in Buca di beppo web survey contest

Customer service is important for every kind of business and when you are running a restaurant then you should be more prepared. If there is a little mistake in your service then the entire reputation is gone. Buca di beppo is an Italian food restaurant and also a very popular one in the entire America. The website www.Bucafeedback.com has got all the needed information. They are running a web survey to improve the service. To participate in the survey you just need to go to the www.Bucafeedback.com and follow the instruction. By doing this you are just helping them to provide good service to you and the other visitor.

How to participate in the survey- If you really want to participate in the survey of www.Bucafeedback.com then there is only one way for you. First you have to enter in the website and then you have to input the check number. Then in the nest step you will be asked for your store number. These steps are important for all and all the participants have to go through this. You will find the number on the receipt. Then you will be asked some questions. This is the process to participate in the web survey. The survey is important for the service results. This will give them the needed feedback which will help them to improve the service of them. The restaurant is very popular in the city and it also got some foreign customers. This is the process to know how they are serving the out station public.

The process of the survey- if you are willing to participate in the contest then you will definitely want to know that after participating in the contest how the survey will be done. Well, there is nothing too much complicated. You just need to answer some questions and that’s all.

1. The first question for you will be the time and the date of the service. This will help then in knowing if the staffs are performing well or not.

2. In the next question they will ask you to rate their service between one to five. The information will help them knowing if the services are well enough for any visitor or improvements are needed to be done.

3. In the next step they will ask you to rare them in several sectors like friendliness, quality, attentiveness etc. This is also necessary for same reason. Then there will be some more questions which are really important to improve the services.

4. Then you have to name of the team and the name of the team member. You have to leave some comments. Then you will be asked some basic questions like, age, gender etc. By participating in the contest you may win a prize.

The service of the restaurant is just fabulous at least lot of people say so. Therefore you just need to do some little contribution and you will see that in the next visit you are getting a better service than before. It is really important for any kind of development and all the customers should participate in the contest not for winning the prise but to have a better customer service in the nest visit. Go to www.Bucafeedback.com and help them to provide you good service.


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