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About Auto Zone customer experience survey is a customer satisfaction survey that has been designed and developed by Auto zone where their esteemed customers are required to give their feedback on the services offered and the products sold at Auto Zone. Auto Zone is an American leading Automotive seller who sell their products in the 50 states of USA and the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

As a major step towards giving only the best to their customers, Auto Zone have developed the online Customer Experience Survey where their customers are at liberty to share their feedback on the services received and the products sold by Auto zone. This information is most valuable to Auto Zone as it enables them realize the changing customer needs and preferences and maybe where they are failing in their business. In this regard they will improve and better their services owe to you and other customers who will undertake the survey.

The online survey has made it convenient for all their customers around the USA to participate in the survey regardless of their location and the time of the day.

How To Participate In The Survey

In order to be a part of the experience survey, all you need is;
1. A computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet or any other gadget that can connect to the internet
2. An active internet connection
3. Be 18 years or older
4. Be a citizen of the 50 US states or the District of Columbia or Puerto Rico
5. Citizens of the offshore districts such as Hawaii are not eligible to participate
6. Have a receipt from a recent visit to Auto Zones store
7. An Email account
8. A basic knowledge of Spanish or English
Step By Step guide on How To Take Part In The Survey

1. Go to

This is the official survey page, it only takes a few seconds to load with an active internet connection. When on this page you will be required to select the place where you shopped by clicking on a blue hyperlink at the bottom of the page. This automatically directs to page two

2. Select the language of your choice

In the two hyperlinks that appears, click on one to select the language in which you wish to undertake your survey in. Be sure to choose the language you can write and understand better.

3. Read the instructions and answer the question about your eligibility to participate in the survey.

Unlike other surveys, Auto Zones give a chance to non eligible members to share their opinion because it also does matter.
In blue hyperlinks are the official sweepstakes rules and the past winners list of those who have won in the sweepstakes. It is important for you to read the sweepstakes rules but if you are pressed by time, you can proceed after answering the question.

4. Read the survey questions and answer them as truthfully as you can.

Your honesty in these questions is what will better your customer experience at Auto Zones. For the multiple choice questions, tick the most appropriate answer and for the open ended questions, type your honest experience in the text box that appears.

5. Enter your personal contact information in order to enter into the sweepstakes

This information is treated with ultimate confidentiality and is only used by the Auto Zones survey team to contact you in case of a win or where need be. This marks your official completion of the survey.

As a result of participating in the survey, you stand a chance to win up to $ 10000 worth of cash. Auto Zones values your feedback!





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