Taking online surveys ( www.Atlantabreadsurvey.com ) to win prizes

Taking online surveys to win prizes

Regardless of who you are, where you are from or what you do for a loving, there is one thing that brings us together, opinions. Everyone has opinions; however, few are aware that you can earn great cash and prizes just by airing your opinions. I am talking about online surveys.

In the business arena, an untested idea or product may be hazardous, the business may end up losing billions in production and sale of a product oblivious of wither it has demand among the consumers. This makes market search crucial before launching a service or product. To make this possible, online surveys are used, they are amazing tools for CEOs and entrepreneurs to conduct research before injecting a product or service into the market. Online surveys assist the companies in conducting useful market research to get raw data, which they use, in making crucial decisions about their services and products.

If you are a sandwich lover, then my guess is that you are familiar with the Atlanta Bread company. This fascinating cake bakery was established in 1993 and has been servicing their customers with scrumptious pastries, sandwiches, soup and salads made from the top-notch ingredients.

The Atlanta Bread Guest Satisfaction Survey focuses on collecting opinion and feedback from the customers. They highly appreciate customers’ genuine opinions and feedback and are grateful for customers creating time to complete these surveys. Like most other surveys, the Atlanta Bread Guest Satisfaction Survey offers appreciation upon completion of the survey. They issue opportunities to join their monthly sweepstakes, which is a good thing. However, not everyone is eligible to take the survey. It is a requirement that you are at least 18 years of age in order to take the survey. Therefore, if you have something to chip in about the Atlanta Bread, whether positive or negative, they are more willing to hear from you. Moreover, by signing in to the Atlanta Bread Customer Survey you stand a chance to win $500 cash, well, with such an amount of cash it is hard to imagine the amount of food I could buy.

To participate in the Atlanta Bread Customer feedback survey:

  1. Visit www.atlantabreadsurvey.com
  2. Using your most recent Atlanta Bread receipt key in the 4-digit restaurant number
  3. Select the date of your dine and click start
  4. Select the time of your dine or visit
  5. Give a rating of your general impression of your experience
  6. Choose the visit type
  7. Give a rating of your satisfaction basing it on your visit, atmosphere, freshness and taste.
  8. Give a rating on other areas of your visit and answer the questions that follow
  9. Click yes’ to sign in to the monthly sweepstakes
  10. Fill in your name and contact for a chance to pocket $500

This is quite simple and a good way of cashing in extra money during your free time and it require very little time and energy. I wish you all the best in taking the Atlanta Bread Survey and airing your candid thoughts about the bakery and your experience, be genuine.


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  2. Atlantabread’s  guest satisfaction survey – www.Atlantabreadsurvey.com

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