www.AirFeedback.com – Fly High And Earn Return Trip From M1nd-set

 Fly High And Earn Return Trip From M1nd-set At – www.AirFeedback.com

About www.AirFeedback.com –
This is an exclusive link, wherein you get to see the results of the customer satisfaction survey, undertaken by M1nd-set.com! This can be termed as a host website, wherein you can participate in the survey and also get to know the past and present winners of the survey. The point to be noted here is that www.AirFeedback.com has the full marketing support from M1nd-set.com!

About M1nd-set –
M1nd-set is one of the best Market Research Company, having its head office in Vevey, Switzerland with its tentacles spread over the entire globe. Their expertise is in the market research of airline services in multiple countries across the world. They do offer their consulting services as per the request of their clients. The ownership of M1nd-set is with two dynamic personalities – Peter Mohn and David Perroud along with their highly amicable and zealous team, which is hand picked only if they qualify certain parameters in their work experience (which is minimum 10 years). Along with these two experienced leaders, their entire team of experts is capable of collecting data and coordinating the same in various countries at the same time. Their experience helps them to tackle all the complex problems and the operational snags from country to country.

Basic Requirements To Participate In The Online Survey At – www.AirFeedback.com –
Before commencement of the survey, you are required to congregate the following minimum requirements. Also, there are certain important points that are to be considered before deciding on the appropriate hardware to start the survey. The list of the hardware and their facts are mentioned below for your benefit –
1. Notebook/PC – Minimum 10 steps are required to complete the survey. After the completion of the survey, a receipt is compulsory.
2. Tablet – It is mandatory to enter the entire survey information to proceed further.
3. Smartphone – This is the most time consuming hardware (more than 20 minutes) hence it is not advocated to complete the M1nd-set Customer Satisfaction Survey on any of the smartphone.
You can be the best judge to decide on the hardware. But the most preferred and recommended hardware is one computer/desktop along with the Internet connection.

What Is The Incentive In Participating This Online Survey At – www.AirFeedback.com?
M1nd-set is offering 2 Round-trip Airline Tickets via a lucky draw, for the most authentic feedback and the time spared by you!

Step-by-Step Guide To Participate In The Online Survey Of M1nd-set Customer Satisfaction Survey Site –
1. You are requested to visit the Customer Satisfaction Survey site of M1nd-set mentioned in the reference links (www.AirFeedback.com) with the help of the web browser of your choice.
2. Once you have completed the above step, you can finalize on the language either English or Spanish. Then press ‘Start’.
3. You will be requested to key in the 5 or 6 digit serial number, which is embarked on your card. Once you input the number, press ‘OK’!
4. Now you will be prompted to input the flight information. You can get all the flight information on your boarding pass as well. Just enter all the information and press the next ‘Arrow’ button.
5. You are authorized to answer all the survey questions that are related to the current flight. Your experience, with respect to the reasoning of this trip (personal or official) and the mode of the ticket reservation, will have to be answered.
6. You are supposed to assess your experience of the current flight.
7. Once you complete your assessment about the current flight, you are now prompted to input your personal information. This will include your full name, country code, phone number and your email address. On filling up the data, press ‘Arrow’ to proceed! This can be termed as the completion of the entire survey.
8. You will be authorized to visualize the results on www.AirFeedback.com. And in case you are the winner of the two round trip airline tickets, your name will be displayed on the landing page of this website!

As the entry to this survey is limited to one person; the chances of winning are very high! And you do have some time to key in your feedback, depending on the hardware you select; it is surely worth the time spared for the same!


Reference Link

  1. Air Feedback’s  sitewww.AirFeedback.com


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