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Adidas is one of the world most recognized clothing brand that mainly specializes in making all sports outfits and gears. Their products quality has enabled them to earn a great recognition that has helped them to achieve a great brand success. If you have recently or previously bought any sporting attire from Adidas, kindly visit to give a feedback on the quality of services and products offered to you.

When you participate in Adidas customer survey, you will be providing valuable information that will be used to enhance the company’s quality of products and services. If you feel that you have a critical issue that you would like the company to handle, visit and on the last page of the survey, you will be given a chance to write your comments and suggestions. Every information filled in the survey will be highly considered and Adidas officials will use it to improve their quality of services and drive innovations in the company.

For many years Adidas has been recognized as one of the best sport wear manufacturing company. Many of their clothing brands have been worn on big occasions such as Olympics and world cup games. If you have ever bought Adidas clothes or shoes kindly visit to give a feedback on the products you received.

What you should know before participating in Adidas customer survey
-The Adidas customer satisfaction survey is available in two languages, English and Espanol
-The survey is managed by ForeSee which is an independent market research company
-The survey can be carried out by all people across the world.

Do you want to participate in the survey? If yes, follow these steps
1. Copy this URL ( ) to your browser address bar and load it to visit Adidas Customer survey page.
2. Once the website loads, you will see a welcome message on your screen and two language options of starting the survey. The survey can be completed in either English or Espanol
3. Choose one of the languages and continue with it to the next step.
4. On the next page of the survey, you will be required to fill in some questions that includes; where you made a purchase, date, receipt number, transaction number and age.
5. Fill every information required in that page and click on the submit button.
6. In the next page of the survey you will be promoted to answer some question that are based on your experience with Adidas products. Every suggestion and recommendation that you make, will be strategically used to improve and drive innovations at Adidas.
7. After you have answered all series of questions. You will be given a chance to make recommendations and write comments concerning the services and products offered to you.
7. When done with the survey, click on the “finish” button to submit.

Adidas is well recognized sportswear manufacturing company and almost everyone has had an experience with their products and services. If you have recently purchased Adidas products, kindly visit to complete the customer survey.


Reference Links

  1. Adidas’s  Official website –
  2. Adidas’s Customer Survey page –


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