Information Regarding the Sprouts Farmers Market Guest Satisfaction Survey

Sprouts Farmers Market is a company that operates a chain of several grocery stores across the United States. The company focuses on selling fresh foods and health foods including vitamins and supplements. Sprouts stores are generally smaller than the average retail supermarket thus they offer a more intimate and personal shopping experience. They also offer weekly specials, monthly deals and online coupons on their website. The company has a dedicated page for their special deals which can be found at

To collect feedback from their customers about their recent shopping experience, the company has created an online survey which can be accessed by visiting the website The responses collected from the survey questions on this website will be kept confidential and used by Sprouts to improve their service delivery processes and the quality of the products they stock in their stores.

As a reward for taking the survey, Sprouts offers discount coupons for all survey takers. The Sprouts survey coupon is for a 10% discount off of the value of your next purchase. The coupon can be printed at the end of the survey and redeemed with your next purchase at any Sprouts grocery outlet. The coupon is only valid for around 30 days so it should be used before the expiry date printed on it.

How to Participate in the Sprouts Farmers Market Guest Satisfaction Survey

You will need to:

-Have a reliable internet connection.

-Be able to write answers to the survey questions in English.

-Have a recent receipt, (last 7 days), from a Sprouts grocery outlet.

Taking the Survey

1. Visit the website using your browser.

2. The survey landing page contains several key items. After the welcome message from Sprouts, some questions are presented which require you to input some information from your receipt. An image of a sample receipt is provided to help you fill out the information which includes things like: the date of the purchase, the POS number, the transaction number which you will need to enter twice for verification purposes and the store number. You are also required to fill out your age and correctly identify the captcha image provided. Once done, click on “Submit” to proceed. It is important to note that the bottom of this page contains a link to the Sprouts privacy policy which you may want to review.

3. You will be presented with the survey questions at this point. You will be asked to rate several aspects of your experience and to give your opinion on the quality of products and whether you would recommend the store to others. Fill out each question as directed by following the on screen instructions until you reach the end of the survey.

4. At the end of the survey, you will be required to provide the company with a working email address in order to receive your coupon. Once you have done so and answered a few more questions about your location, gender and other pertinent information, you can print out the coupon displayed on the screen which you can redeem with your next purchase at Sprouts.






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