How to Perform Buffalo Wild Wings Satisfaction Survey?

All About the BWW Survey

The Survey is available at It is actually a feedback questionnaire that is designed by the Buffalo Wild Wings to analyze their customers’ opinion about the various services and products they offer. Since the survey is performed online, it can be done conveniently from the confines of your homes or offices wherever you can have internet access. The customers who receive a printed invitation on their receipt from any of the Buffalo Wild Wings locations can complete this survey in the time span of 48 hours.

When you participate in this online survey,you are required to express your gratification or write about the inconvenience that you have had on your visit to the restaurant. Apart from this, you can get a BWW Coupon Code that you can redeem to get a free coupon which can be made use of in your next visit to any of the locations of Buffalo Wild Wings.


How Can You Perform the Survey? 

What All Will You Need?

Should have a computer.

· Should have an internet access.

· You should have dined at any of of the locations of thisrestaurant and have a receipt with the printed survey invitation.

· You should take thesurvey in the span of 48-hours of your visiting to the restaurant.

· Be able to read and understand English or Espanol.


Step-By-Step Guide to Perform the Survey: 

Step 1.Visit

Step 2. Firstly, you will be asked to select the language in which you wish to take the questionnaire. You will have to choose either English or Espanol.

Step 3. Once you have chosen your language, you would be asked to enter the four-digit number which is to be looked for at the top of the receipt (underneath the logo and address of BWW. You will find the number of store at the bottom of the receipt. If the number has only three digits, you need to put a 0 before those digits when you enter them in the box.

Step 4. If you are not able to find the store number, you will have to enter 888 only.

Step 5. You are directed to key in the “Survey Code” on the next page. It is 15-digit long code.

Step 6. Right above the table number you will get a check number that would be asked to enter on the next page. There are some receipts which have C-H-K printed before the check number. Here, the survey becomes a little tricky. However, you need not to be confused. You should begin counting from the right side and should count till the 20th digit. You need to leave the decimals and points and use zero in place of them.

Step 7. Once you are done with the filling of these pages, you can give your feedback by filling the questionnaire.

Step 8. When the questionnaire is complete, you will be provided with a code that can be taken to any of the BWW locations and there you can exchange it with any of the BWW products. Take the help of the above given steps to perform the survey successfully.







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