The Purpose of Customer Satisfaction Surveys

The Purpose of Customer Satisfaction Surveys

These days, the majority of time when you leave a large business, whether it be a restaurant or store, you often are given a receipt with information on the back of it regarding filling out a survey. These surveys are called customer satisfaction surveys, and are an important tool that companies use to find out what customers think of their business.
You may be wondering exactly how a company finds it beneficial for a customer to fill out a survey for them. The truth is that by having customers answer just a few simple questions regarding their most recent visit to their business, it can speak volumes to a business owner. Customer satisfaction surveys are a very common practise in large chain stores, because in these stores the person who owns the business cannot be present in all of their stores everyday, so often they don’t really know what kind of experience customers are having at their store and what kind of improvements can be made to better their customer experience.

Most customer satisfaction surveys take a short time to fill out (usually only about 5 minutes), and often they require some information from the receipt to find out which particular store you shopped at, and the date of your visit. The surveys usually ask you about your more recent visit including what you thought about their products and what kind of customer service you received from their staff, and what you thought of the overall look of their store. Usually they will include a spot where you can share any additional information regarding your visit that you want to share with the company. This could include a good or bad experience that you had, or a suggestion that you think will help their company. Overall, these surveys can tell a business a lot about if their business is going well or not, if changes are needed to products or decor or certain policies, and if their staff members are doing their jobs properly or not.

Because these surveys require the customer to spend a little time completing the survey, in order to try to get as many customers to complete the survey as possible, they usually always come with an incentive of some kind for the customer. Often these incentives are usually either in the form of either a discount during their next visit (such as 15% off your next purchase), a free item (such as a free appetizer or dessert during your next visit) or an entry into a draw to win money or a high value item (such as an entry in a draw to win $1,000 or win a tv). By providing an incentive for the customer, both the owner and the customer benefit when they customer fills out a customer satisfaction survey. The customer can often save money or earn free items or money by filling out these surveys, so for many people who are looking to save some money, it is definitely worth the few minutes you take to fill out the survey.

In addition to the incentive you receive from the store by filling out the survey, you also get the benefit of making your opinion heard. If you are not satisfied with the experience you had, or if you feel you have a good idea on how things could be improved for a particular business, the customer satisfaction survey allows you to voice your opinion to someone who can actually do something. Generally, if a customer makes a suggestion to a person working at a store such as a cashier or someone stocking shelves, that employee doesn’t really have any power in the company and although it may be a great idea, nothing will likely ever come of it, because it’s not getting to the right person. Even speaking with a manager doesn’t always help change things, because the managers are just working for someone else and they themselves only hold so much power. To really be able to have your voice heard and implement change, you need to be heard by the business owner – and since it is the business owners that create and analyze the customer satisfaction surveys, they are the best way to get the attention of the owners and bring attention to your experience or idea. Often as customers at a big chain store we feel we have no power to effect change, and that the owners of the store don’t care about us or what we think – but a customer satisfaction survey gives us the power to effect change.

If you’re looking to see a list of businesses offering customer satisfaction surveys and hat incentives they provide, or if you are looking for detailed instructions on filling out specific customer satisfaction surveys, then you have come to the right place. Our website provides a comprehensive listing of businesses that provide customer satisfaction surveys, and we tell you exactly what you need to complete the survey, how long it will take, and what kind of questions you can expect. We also tell you what kind of incentive you will get for completing the survey, and how the company will use your information. Simply click on the name of the business you are interested in on our website and you will be provided with all the information pertaining to their customer satisfaction survey. Anything you ever wanted to know about customer satisfaction surveys can be found on our website.

So next time you go to a restaurant or a store and you have an experience that you think the owner should know about, or you have a suggestion as to how the company can improve their business, make sure to find out if the company has a customer satisfaction survey and if they do then be sure to fill it out so that you can make your opinion heard. And don’t forget to come visit our website for the step by step instructions you need to fill out the customer satisfaction survey as well as any other information regarding customer satisfaction surveys.


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